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Thread: Persistent small milk bleb on nipple

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    Hi everyone. I have a very small white dot on my nipple that keeps coming back. Have read everything about milk blend and blisters and have been doing all the recommended actions but it seems the pore keeps closing up again and then I have to scrape it open. After that the milk flows out fine. It's not too painful though a bit sensitive. It's been 3-4 days of this and I am wondering if this will eventually go away? I am concerned because I had a blocked duct twice in 2 weeks (same spot), which I was able to clear (after a lot of massage and compresses) but now this white spot showed up. No more signs of a blocked duct for a few days now. Have been taking lecithin for about 5 days as well. The reason I am concerned about this is because I can only nurse from one side (prior surgery), so if I have a problem with this breast I don't have a back up! My supply took a huge dive after the plugged ducts and I need to avoid that at all costs. Any additional advice? Will the white
    Spot eventually go away on its own? Thanks in advance for your help

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    Original poster here, I should have mentioned that my son is just over 3 months and has been only breastfed since birth

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    I had one for over a month, and it became very painful after a week or two. Nothing I tried worked until I started putting olive oil on it all the time, to keep the skin soft. Eventually, it went away (within a week or so). I should note I pump a lot because I work full time, and I put it one before I would pump. Not sure if the taste would create any aversion in your baby. Mine didn't seem to mind.

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    Have you tried varying the baby's nursing position? Blebs often crop up where the baby's mouth puts just the wrong bit of pressure... So making sure the baby's mouth isn't always falling in the same orientation can help.

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