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Thread: Baby won't take bottle! Help!

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    Unhappy Baby won't take bottle! Help!

    So my 4-month old has taken the bottle successfully a few times in the past. When she was very little, she took Dr. Brown's. Then she started rejected that, so we had some luck with the Lanisoh Momma bottle. Now, she won't take anything. (I had to be gone for a job interview for 4 or 5 hrs, and she took 0.5 ounce the whole time from the Momma bottle. After a long break from trying, this week, we got her to take a .5 ounce from the MAM bottle.)

    Not sure whether to try other bottle types, or how often we should do it? I don't want her to form a negative association with the bottle if it ends up being a battle every time. And I'm not sure if trying different bottles is just confusing her.

    I've read about some people having success with sippy cups, so I'm willing to try that if 4 months isn't too young. I go back to work in 2 months, so I am getting anxious! Help!

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    If you have two months before going back to work, you have lots of time to work on this, so my first suggestion is to relax. You are right, you want to avoid battles over bottles.

    A sippy may be fine at 4 months, but you can also try an open cup. There are many videos on how to feed a baby with an open cup online. Here is a good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R95FUa7_s84

    If you want to keep working on bottles, try offering an empty bottle once a day or a couple times a week for baby to play with. Or, if baby is already fine to suck or chew on the nipple with an empty bottle, try putting a little tiny bit of milk in the bottle. A quarter or half ounce. Not every day, and no pressure. Take it slow. Try different positions. Try different times. Don't wait until baby is hungry or tired and fussy and expecting to nurse. Try when baby is in a happy mood. If the nipple is one that is very slow flow, consider that it may be so slow it is frustrating baby. If the milk seems to come quickly and baby does not like that, change the position of the bottle to reduce flow so baby has better control. Put pauses into the feeding as this is what baby is used to when nursing. Like this (paced bottle feeding) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH4T70OSzGs

    Don't panic if baby only takes an ounce or two or even less at a time even when you are back at work. This may be fine. Every baby is different. Many prefer smaller feedings but will eat more frequently. Some will not eat all that much while mom is gone but make up for it by nursing more at night. Many babies refuse bottles at first and then figure it out after a while. A healthy 6 month old is not likely to allow herself to go hungry for long, assuming milk or other food is available.

    Also be sure to rule out any issues with excess lipase, which makes expressed milk smell soapy and this puts some babies off, although the milk is perfectly safe.
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    Default Re: Baby won't take bottle! Help!

    I am going through this same situation! We tried to chill and just give the baby the bottle as a toy all day and tonight he miraculously took 2 oz! The Comotomo natural feel bottle worked for us. I realized that the nipple I was using before was too slow flow! Good luck!

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