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Thread: Decreased supply after returning to work and pump rips nippl

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    Unhappy Decreased supply after returning to work and pump rips nippl

    Ok I have been back at work for 2months now and my LO is 4months. So far he has only had breast milk. I was pumping enough for him each day and then a little extra to freeze. All of the sudden out of no where last week my supply has started dropping. I went from pumping 15-20oz a day with 3 pumping sessions to pumping 10-14 Oz a day with 4 pumping sessions a day. And each session through out the day i pump less i.e 4-5oz at 9:30 4-3oz @ 11:30 etc. So i worry by the time i am getting home to finally nurse (i nurse him as soon as i get home at 6) that he is not getting enough and seems frustrated. My supply seemed to start dropping after i developed a horrible crack on my left nipple. It has been weeks and still there. My LO wont feed on that side now most likely due the the open cut. And the pump just keeps ripping it open causing me to tense and keeping it from healing. My husband scraps an aloevera plant every night for me and my MIL suggested honey only for when im pumping as we know my LO can not have honey.
    I have started to eat oatmeal with brewers yeast every morning. I drink plenty of water. Blue Gatorade. Eat all day everyday. Nurse on demand when i am with my LO. Take Honest Co. Lactation Boost pills. AND mothers tea at night.
    Im not sure how to get my nipple to heal. Or what else i can do to get my good supply back. I am not ready to end my breastfeeding journey and am so sad to think i may not be able to continue much longer.
    Thanks for listening

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    Welcome to the forum!

    So it sounds like breastfeeding was fine, and then you went back to work and started pumping a lot and things started to go wrong. I have some questions for you:
    - Did the crack develop only after you started pumping, or was it there when you were just nursing?
    - How does pumping feel, in general?
    - Do you ever see the nipple on the side that is cracked rub against the sides of the collection tube?
    - Can you describe the crack? (Is it a single large crack or are we talking about multiple, small, slit-like cracks? If it's a single crack, is it at the tip of the nipple or the base? If it's many cracks, do they tend to radiate around the nipple, and do they go onto the areola? Does the crack look gros,, weepy, or infected at all?)
    - How long are you at work each day?

    Tips on healing cracked skin in the nipple area:
    - Use moist healing. Smoothies gel pads, lanolin ointment- those are good if the crack is not infected.
    - Make sure your pump shields are properly sized. You may need 2 different sizes.
    - Use a combination of 1% hydrocortisone cream and Bacitracin antibiotic ointment on the crack. Use a pea-sized amount, mixed and applied using a clean fingertip.
    - Don't use honey on the crack, even if it's just when you are pumping. The honey will end up in your pumped milk and then you can't feed it to the baby!
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