I'm going through a lot and the only reason I'm putting myself through all of this and keep trying so hard is because I have breastfed my other two babies. I'm Exclusively breastfeeding my 8 week old twin boys and got their ties clipped to help and they have always had since birth (36 weekers) clampdown bite reflex (confirmed by Kaiser Dr.s, several lactation nurses and LaLecheLeague meeting.) It is constant and every single suck, it is not just when they latch or just when they get my letdown, it is constant and basically their tongue does not go over their lower gum line so they gum and scrap and gnaw me on every single suck to the point where it is excruciating and I have a bruise under my nipple on my areola. I am doing everything I can to not give bottles due to nipple confusion and not wanting to make matters worse. I am doing finger exercises where I have them suck on my finger and have a little expressed milk in syringe to get them to suck correctly and not gum me but it's not working or sometimes they will correctly on my finger but not on the breast. I have tried pulling down on their chins and swaddling them and as a last ditch effort have tried an $125 each CranioSacral therapy session and it helped for maybe one evening, but then it continued the following morning. I know It's neurological so they really need to outgrow it soon because under my areola is bruised and I cry at feedings and I have a high pain tolerance. Also because of the ties previously, I have also had to deal with cracked nipples, blisters, blanching and vasospasms but they are pretty much healed and and I do have a deeper latch and babies not falling off thanks to tie clip, but still the clampdown bite reflex is relentless! I'm trying not to give up but it's getting really hard to continue. What else can I do, I am feeling defeated. I pumped for the first time this morning instead of just hand expressing enough for syringes just in case. I didn't want to give a bottle and cause nipple confusion and also don't get much pumping anyways (never have-babies always get more) so I know I wouldn't be able to exclusively pump for twins and also kno pumping will mess up and make me make more milk. I have looked online and cannot find other things to try to help! They're gumming me raw, HELP!