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Thread: 6 month sleepy twin blues

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    Question 6 month sleepy twin blues

    Hello to all!! SAHM here with 6 month old twins who until recently had a pretty decent night time routine. For the last few days my little bitties have been waking and not wanting to go back to sleep alone.

    A little background information:

    They have been in their cribs since they were around 2 1/2 months old. Our little lady use to fall asleep perfectly after her night time bottle while drowsy. That stopped when my mother-in-law began to walk her to sleep (best intentions but there went the easy sleeper). Our little guy has always fell asleep while breastfeeding after his night time bottle.

    They are both breastfed just about exclusively for the exception of their night time bottle, and their two solid meals (breakfast and lunch with breastmilk prior to).

    They both wake during the night to eat. Our boy more then our girl. They wake anywhere from 2-4 times a night. Our little guy was pretty much on point with every two hours.

    A few nights again, they began waking in the night with the inability to nurse and go back to sleep as usual. Our little girl will stay awake for about an hour with several attempts to laying her down. Our little guy will end up in the bed with us due to not being able to lay back down alone. They fall asleep at the breast and wake the moment they are laid in their cribs.

    They are teething and have been for over a month with little negative effects that have been noticeable outside wanting to chew and suck on everything.

    I am wondering if I need to begin sleep training? My husband is determined to believe it is due to their sleep associations? Which up to now have not been a problem for me. They are walked or nursed to sleep, and then nursed when they wake at night. It has been working for quite some time. Until now.

    Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated!
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