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Thread: Mastitis and lump not going away

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    Diagnosed with mastitis on Monday, been having plugged ducts for a few days prior. I've been using warm compress and massaging every time I pump ( currently EP, haven't been able to get baby to latch except when lactation consultants help. Baby is four weeks old. Apparently also having poor positioning thus poor latching. I just can't get it right despite different positions ). Anyways, lump is on the side of right breast and a smaller lump to the side of left breast too. Doc prescribed antibiotics and have been taking for 24hrs now. Lumps are still there. Question is, are the lumps going to disappear with the antibiotics or is it something I have to manually get it out? Bc haven't found alleviation with compresses, massage, and frequent pumping. I researched and it seems like next course would be surgical removal? Please advise! Is there anything else I can do to clear these lumps?

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    The lumps are probably plugs of milk fat and need to be gotten out manually. However, sometimes lumps do disappear due to appropriate ab treatment but usually not that quickly.

    Plugs can last for many days, even weeks, although of course you want to try to get them out as fast as you can. But if these are plugged ducts from milk fat, The next step is certainly not surgical removal! Goodness. If there is a website suggesting surgery for plugged ducts I would love to see it. Of course, if you think this is not related to nursing, and is breast cancer or an abscess, then of course that is different and you need to see your doctor.

    Here is a good article on plugged ducts. Have you tried cold compresses? Nursing upside down? Vibration? see: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf
    More info on plugs and mastitis. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/mastitis/

    Don't try to do too much just because you may feel better due to the abs. You are ill. Rest as much as you can and nurse as much as you can.

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    with MaddieB. My guess is that the surgical removal idea came from you stumbling onto the wrong website. The average plugged duct can take time to go away, but does not require any sort of surgical treatment.

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