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Thread: Leaving my 3 month old overnight

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    Default Leaving my 3 month old overnight

    My in-laws are taking my kids tonight. They live 2 hours away and offered to babysit for us while we go to a company party and we will pick up the kids in the morning.

    My baby just turned 3 months. We bed share. I have no idea how often he wakes at night since I don't really wake up and my eyes are bad so I can't see the clock.

    I've packed him about 24oz of my oldest frozen milk and instructions to only thaw one bag of milk at a time. My in laws never breast-fed and I don't really feel like they "get it" --that it is important it is to try not to waste milk and make sure not to feed the baby right before I get there and not overfeed. Sometimes they just will do whatever they think is right regardless of what I tell them.

    We will be apart for about 20 hours. I am feeling really nervous and sad. I have never done a night away from an EBF baby before, I didn't leave my first baby until he was over 2.

    What can I do to prepare better? I spent last night awake putting little notes on my frozen bags of milk and writing things down. I don't want to come across as crazy and untrusting. I get a knot in my stomach when I think about it though...

    *I have a double electric pump at home, and will pump to replace the frozen milk I am sending.
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    Default Re: Leaving my 3 month old overnight

    This reply may be too late but am not sure how you can prepare any better. You have left enough milk and careful instructions. You are planning to pump. What else can you do? My only suggestion would be to call a few times and ask your in laws how things are going. Not every hour, but I think two or three times over such a long separation would be fine. And assure them they can call YOU if they have any questions or concerns. You are a mom, and that means you are allowed to be crazy and worried during separations from your very young children. These feelings are normal! Don't worry about appearing untrusting. If you are leaving your children in the care of your in-laws that means you trust them! Yes you may not trust them to do everything in a breastfeeding supportive manner, but you are trusting them with your children's lives! That is enough demonstration of trust imo.

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    Default Re: Leaving my 3 month old overnight

    By the time you read this I am sure you'll be home and nursing again... But in case you're still out, just remind self that you are doing a great job and that it's okay to feel unsure about being separated from your kids. Your instincts are normal and natural.

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