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Thread: Transferring and low supply

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    My 3 week old is not transferring milk from my breast. I pump 4-6 times a day, between 1-2 oz total per pump. When our LC helped her latch yesterday, she sucked for about 10minutes but we didn't hear swallows and her weight before and after didn't change. She is being supplemented so her weight is good, but I'd like to be able to feed her from the breast. I'm pumping, taking mothers milk tea, etc. She does not have a tongue tie. Help!!

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    Do you mean your baby has never transferred any milk at the breast? When you say baby is being supplemented, do you mean baby is getting some milk from the breasts or everything from bottles? (Or cup or whatever you are using.) It would help to know how many bottles baby is getting each day and how many ounces of formula and breastmilk baby gets in the bottles, and a complete weight check history would help. Also, why and when were bottles started (did doctor order supplementing and why, etc.) Basically the more info we have the better.

    You just saw an LC- was this an IBCLC? What did she suggest as a plan for you? Did that plan sound workable to you? What were her thoughts on what the problem is, exactly?

    Is she suggesting more before and after nursing weight checks? One weighted feed is not going to give you much info unfortunately, especially since the nursing session being measured at that one session was pretty short.

    If baby is is not able to transfer milk at all, and/or is not nursing at all, it is probably a good idea to shoot for at least 8 pump sessions per 24 hours.

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