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Thread: Anyone have suggestions for this?

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    Default Anyone have suggestions for this?

    I have been unable to breastfeed for 10 days due to medication I was on for abcessed mastitis. My eight week old has been on formula and a bottle but he has prior experience with a bottle. Considering that I have not yet had one successful day of breastfeeding in eight weeks, I am worried to death about the first time I try it again with him. I have noticed that he doesn't even try to nurse anymore...should I bottle feed him breastmilk to start? I asked the lactation consultant who has seen us and she said just to try it but I may have to go back on the nipple shield (that is what started most of the problems in the first place) Any advice is appreciated - thanks!

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    maybe something here will help

    I would try with out the nipple sheild 1st and see how that goes.
    have you been pumping milk all along?

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