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Thread: EP to BF at 6 months? Is it even possible?

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    Default EP to BF at 6 months? Is it even possible?

    Hey everyone,

    So, my sons birth was standard and straightforward. But he had latching troubles from the get go. I saw four different lactation consultants and ultimately wound up exclusively pumping because it was the least stressful option for me after having to supplement w formula at my pedis recommendation (despite my best efforts to breastfeed during the first week home, which mostly were met with with a hungry, screaming baby and very desperate parents.)

    Despite having bottle fed/ep'd my way through the last 6 months, I've still hung on to the idea of nursing my son, especially at night when I reach for a bottle of water/pre measured forumula instead of being able to just nurse him back to sleep.

    I realize it's such a long shot, but is there ANY possibility of being able to transition him to the breast? I've tried at random a few times over the last few months and he's strangely less resistant than he was when I was trying several times a day at a month old. But he gets upset rather quickly and I tend to give up quickly, as well, because I feel as if I'm forcing him to do something he has no interest in.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I can keep ep'ing but I feel like it's really interrupting my relationship with him.

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    Default Re: EP to BF at 6 months? Is it even possible?

    There is definitely a possibility that you will be able to nurse this baby, though it's impossible to say how likely it is that you will be successful. All we can say is that if you don't try, the possibility is nil. So keep offering the breast in a low-key, playful way, offer at different times of day (in the morning, before of after naps, before bedtime, in the middle of the night, when he's hungry, when you're taking a bath together, when he seems bored, etc.), and try combining breast and bottle so that baby sometimes get the breast in the middle of a bottle feeding, sometimes before, and sometimes at the end. Basically, you are throwing everything you have against the wall, trying to see what sticks!

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