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Thread: Help me pinpoint this ailment!

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    Presently my newborn is just over 2 months and nurses like a champ! No latching issues and no milk production issues. That said, the last two days of breastfeeding has been upsetting for my son, he'll just fuss on and off the boob. I'm wondering if he's having gas? Thing is, he's not bloated/hard tummy (that I'm noticing) and he's not farting out of the ordinary. Could it still be gas? What's a good way to determine whether he's having gas build up? I plan to try gas drops anyway. My diet hasn't changed, not much, sure I've had a little more cheese in the last weekend but this issue has only just manifested the last couple days. I should add that I'm not overly concerned as he's still nursing, he's just not enjoying it like he normally does. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    He felt warm and I ended up taking his temp. Turns out he's running a low fever. So he's definitely not feeling well. I think he's caught something a couple days ago, thus, the fussiness. Now he has a runny nose and is really struggling with nursing because he can't breathe and suckle. Any suggestions? I got one of those suction bulbs but he's gonna hate that...
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    Assuming weight gain has been normal and nursing basically problem free prior to this, your baby should be able to nurse well enough with a stuffy nose to get through a non-serious illness like a cold. Yes nursing might not feel that great for either of you, and your baby may intake a little less milk for a few days. but really this should not present a huge issue. Baby popping on and off is babies way of dealing with the problem.

    There are many ways to help a baby breathe easier in general. Suctioning can be done if needed, but if it is bothering baby you might not want to do it just before nursing. Keeping the nostrils moist helps. So a humidifier in the room where baby spends the most time is one idea. Sometimes saline nose drops are helpful but they will not taste good. Drops of Expressed breastmilk in the nose will taste better and help, but not every baby is going to love anything in the nose.

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    Poor LO! You could also try running a very hot shower to create steam in the bathroom and hanging out with baby in there. We have a nose frieda which might be less upsetting than one of those suction bulbs.

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    When my infant was congest at that age I would take him into a very hot steamy shower with me and let him drain.

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