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    I need to wean my six month old but she refuses every bottle I've given her (MAM, medela, Avent, Comotomo and Tommee tippee). People keep saying she'll cave but I don't believe it. She has gone 12+ hours without eating, just crying. I'm in the military and recently found out I'm deploying. This worries me because I don't want her to starve and start losing weight. Any suggestions? We're currently trying a sippy cup

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    Have you ruled out an excess lipase issue with your expressed milk?

    There are many ways to feed milk to a child. Bottles with rubbery nipples are a pretty recent invention. If the sippy cup does not do the trick, you can try an open cup, spoon, eyedropper/syringe, finger feeder tubes, a clean cloth soaked in milk... There are videos online. Search things like alternatives to bottles for breastfed baby or something like that on youtube. If your child begins to eat solids, then you can try putting milk in her food. Solids won't solve the problem but can help.

    You can also think about how the bottle is given. You have tried many types of bottles- have you tried changing the positions baby is in and the bottle is in? Some babies object to bottles because they are being laid more or less on their back and the bottle more or less straight above them and they have a hard time controlling the flow. Baby sitting upright with a more horizontal bottle position may help there. Look up paced bottle feeding to see videos. Alternatively, some of the bottles that are supposedly "just like the breast" make t so hard for the baby to extract milk, baby is frustrated. So in that case, a position and a nipple where the milk flows more easily may help.

    I would suggest do not let baby go many hours without eating if it can be avoided. If you are not there and baby refuses all offers of milk, then that is unavoidable. But if you are there to nurse, nurse baby. This is not 'giving in." An upset baby is not going to be more likely to take a bottle.

    I think it is very unlikely your healthy 6 month old is going to let herself get to the point she looses weight.

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