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Thread: Days between poops....

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    My baby girl was born 8/15/15, she is 3 1/3 months now. She is only breastfed, no formula...she takes bottles with her sitter while I am at work. She sleeps 10-12 hours straight without waking up for a feeding...and she eats 6-10 times a day. Her birthweight was 7#1oz, and she is now roughly 15#.
    She pooped on 12/24/15 and 12/27/15...on 12/30/15 i was getting confused about it because she used to be so regular...so i called her pediatrician and spoke with a nurse. They suggested I give her a suppository. I gave that to her 12/30 evening and she pooped a few times. The first stuff that came out was brown and thicker (which I had never seen from her-usually yellow liquidy)...then she would have little "skid marks" and on 12/31 she had one good "normal" poop. She has pooped since then and it is currently 1/2/16. Is this something I need to be worried about or is it okay that she goes a few day's without pooping? Also, she has plenty of wet diapers throughout the day and night.

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    After 6 weeks, it is entirely normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to go as much as a week between poops. Some babies will occasionally go longer. When the baby does go, the poop will be more of a peanut butter consistency, and her roots are likely to be smelly compared to how they were when she pooped more frequently.

    You only worry about constipation if the baby is eating something other than breastmilk (either formula or solids) and:
    - the baby seems uncomfortable when she goes, turning red, crying in pain, straining
    - the poop is dry, hard and pellet-like, and will roll right off the diaper if you pick it up
    - the baby is going long intervals between poops

    The next time you are eager to see a poop, I recommend nursing baby and then sitting her rather upright in a warm bath. Often that relaxes them enough to let something fly.

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    Please don't ive her another suppository! And your Pedi should have told you that after 6 weeks, not pooping every day is normal and not cause for concern. And yes, it's also normal for the color and consistency to go from seedy and bright yellow mustard to the color and consistency of peanut butter when they don't go every day. It's just another benefit of breastfeeding. They don't always poop everyday. I know it's confusing at 1st. But my Pedi at least knew what was going on. She said don't bother to call her back until he'd gone 9 days without going and then MAYBE she'd be concerned with me. He went on day 7.

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