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Thread: Sleepy baby--- is she getting enough?

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    Default Sleepy baby--- is she getting enough?

    My daughter is 5 days old and breastfeeding has been very challenging. After birth she did not urinate in the first 24 hours and was given some formula. We visited the lactation consultant at the hospital on day 3 and was told she had lost a lot of weight (about 10 ounces) and was told to supplement with formula. We gave her the formula and continued to breastfeed.

    On day 4 we went to a different lactation consultant who tried to help with latching. I was able to get a good latch with her, but when I got home I started having problems.

    She has been nursing every 2-3 hours and has had enough wet and dirty diapers today. However, the latch is still not great and my nipples are getting sore. If my nipples are sore, does that mean that she is not getting a good amount of food?? She just cant seem to get her mouth open wide enough to get the nipple deeply in. After she feeds, all she does is fall asleep. She sleeps most of the day and then is up most of the night. My husband is concerned that she is sleeping too much because she is not getting enough to eat.

    Any advice??

    Alex's mom

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    Default Re: Sleepy baby--- is she getting enough?

    Welcome and congratulations! If your nipples are getting sore it could be because your lo latch is not correct. Have you tried pressing down gently on her lower lip to help her open her mouth? Also if you are engourged that can make latching tough. Also in the mean while for the soreness some have tried lansinoh it can be used with BFing and you don't have to rinse it off. I'm pretty sure your lo sleeping is totally normal and not because she is not gettng enough. I would think that if she isn't hungry that she would complain more than sleep? When she falls asleep while BFing you can try rubbing the back of her neck, tickle her feet, if all else fails...try stripping her! Babies who are BF get so comfy from mommies body heat I think and making her uncomfortable and maybe a little cool might wake her. Don't want to freeze her or anything .... lol... but coolness might get her waken. Good luck and you have come to the right place for help. Don't give up because so many BFing challenges can be overcome with perserverance and determination to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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    Default Re: Sleepy baby--- is she getting enough?

    When my boy wouldn't wake, I would do the bath thing. Agree about making life just a hair less cozy, stripping them down works well. However its true that sometimes they just won'twake up.
    My ds lost 9 ounces, and is huge now. It isn't always bad, they gain it back. I would contact my local la leche league leader for help with latching. How many dirty diapers are you getting?

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    Default Re: Sleepy baby--- is she getting enough?

    Hi there!

    What was your baby's birthweight? What is it now?

    You said that she's putting out plenty of wet and dirty diapers. These are excellent signs that she's getting enough breastmilk. Just to make sure, check out this article:

    It's pretty common for newborns to be sleepy. You'll probably find that she'll wake up in a few days and want to nurse all the time. This will be normal too!

    Sore nipples are an indicator that she's not latching right, probably too shallowly because you said she is having trouble getting a good deep latch. I strongly suggest you get someone to help you with this in person. You can click the link in my signature to find a LLL Leader in your area, or an IBCLC can help you too (www.ilca.org). In the meantime, check out Dr Newman's latching videos:

    This is a non-LLL site, but Dr Newman is a respected breastfeeding professional and his work is often referenced in LLL materials. I recommend the assymetrical latch (video 3 I think). A lot of mothers have found this technique helpful for getting a baby to latch deeply.

    Hang in there!
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    Click here to find your local LLL Group
    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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