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Thread: Is she getting enough ?

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    Default Is she getting enough ?

    Long post warning !!!!

    My daughter is 5 weeks old and she seems to be constantly nursing ... I breast feed her for every hour.Each session may range from 15 to 35 mins.She naps only on me during day time ... She sleeps for 3-4 hours during night time or early morning... Her discharge weight was 3.26 kg and her current weight is 3.7 kg.Initially I had latch issues and my milk came in by 4 day.Lactation consultant helped to have proper latch.

    My concern is whether she is getting enough bm because she seems to be constantly nursing.Initially she was on formula and then once my milk came in.I fed her and supplemented her with formula.Now I want to ebf but concerned about very slow weight gain.I give 2 to 3 oz of formula per day now.

    For the past two weeks at the end of the nursing session she seems to pull and tug my nipples.So I am really concerned now whether she is getting enough.

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    Default Is she getting enough ?

    Trying to transition to ebf from bf + top up formula.Her wet diaper counts are good and she poops six days once(very massive).But she feeds every hour and does not nap on crib/bed/swing the whole day. she naps only on me.She sleeps 3 to 4 hours during early morning only(in crib).

    At the end of nursing session , she keeps pulling my nipples and latches/unlatches very frequently.If my breast is full ( which happens only if she does not nurse hourly) , she chokes while drinking.

    Am worried whether she is getting enough ... initially I was giving 12 oz of formula , now reduced to 2 or 3 per day.Her weight gain also very minimal.Lactation consultant helped me to latch correctly and made clear that she is drinking well.

    Please help!!

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    Default Re: Is she getting enough ?

    It would be very difficult to comment at all without knowing more. For example your child's age, and what you mean by minimal with her weightgain: what was her birthweight, how much she weighed on her last two weigh ins. Also what are her poops like; colour, consistency?

    One BM a week might be sufficient for an EB baby of 5 months, but not for a combi fed baby of 1 week for example.

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    She is 5 weeks and two days old ... Her birth weight was 7 lb 8 oz .. discharge weight 7 lb 2 oz ... current weight 8lb 1oz at 4 weeks and 2 days check up(comination of breast fed + formula).

    I have been monitoring her weight for the past one week I could see only 2 oz increase in weight(at home)(trying to EBF).

    Her poop colour is mustard yellow and consistency is semi solid (more on runny side).

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    Not sure what you mean by semi solid. If its somewhere between runny and toothpaste it sound fine for colour, although the frequency bothers me a little bit, and as I haven't formula or combi fed I would like someone else to comment on that.

    Weigh gain does seem very slow, and although some babies gain slower than others she would have dropped a percentile on the chart used by pediatricians in the UK.

    Is she weighed the same everytime? Same scales, no clothing, and either a clean diaper each time or no diaper at all each time are ideal weighing conditions.

    It may well be worth seeing a second lactatiom consultant and having the latch and feeding doublechecked by someone else.

    Out of interest, why did you go from EBF, then supplement with 12 oz formula, then reduce this to 2 oz, and how quickly did you reduce the supplement?

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    Default Re: Is she getting enough ?

    How many times a day do you nurse? Does baby get a top up every time, only some of the time, etc?

    She gained about a pound in a month if you look at lowest weight, 7lb 2oz, to 4w2d, 8lb 1oz. That's about 4 oz per week which is a little slow, but this is also assuming all weight checks were done properly: the exact same scale, in either a dry disposable diaper or naked, and with 2 people looking and verifying the numbers. This might seem like a lot of hoopla over nothing, but different scales can show different numbers and that can cause unnecessary alarm. My son showed a LOSS of a pound using a scale that wasn't his normal scale. I took him to his normal scale and he was 2 pounds heavier than his last check. That's a 3 pound difference! Even if it's not whole pounds, ounces at this age can mean a lot. So, in the future, try to make sure the nurses follow the proper weighing techniques.

    How long has she been skipping days between poops? At about 6 weeks, breastfed babies can go up to 2 weeks between poos! Yours is a little young to have started that, but it's not unheard of. The color and consistency sounds normal. If baby isn't straining to go, the poo isn't hard like rabbit pellets, and nursing frequency is high enough (10+ times in 24 hours), it's likely she just started skipping days early.

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