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Thread: Fussy evening feedings, overactive letdown, pacifier?

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    Default Fussy evening feedings, overactive letdown, pacifier?

    Every night for the past several weeks, my baby, who is now almost 7 weeks, get super frustrated and upset. She stays this way even after all my swaddling, shushing, baby wearing, bouncing, ect. I can tell she is hungry but when I bring her to nurse she bobs and shakes her head like she can't latch on to the nipple. I've had a bad issue with oversupply since a few days after she was born. I also have a *very* overactive let down (especially on one side, it basically pours out like a faucet). She gets more and more frustrated throughout the night and refuses to eat. Lately I've found that I can calm her down with a pacifier and then sneak my boob in and she'll nurse for a little while. She is gaining tons of weight and has plenty of poopy and wet diapers. Any advice for these super stressful evening feeds? I'm getting so discouraged like I'll never have the right amount or right flow of milk. Also is the pacifier trick ok to keep doing or will it cause nipple confusion?

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feedings, overactive letdown, pacifier?

    It sounds like colic, which is a normal phase many babies go through, whetehr there is a fast letdown issue or not. If the pacifier trick is working, I think this is a time when using the pacifier as needed is fine. Anything to stop the screaming even for a few minutes. Where pacifiers become a problem is when they are used instead of the breast to comfort and sooth baby to the point baby is not nursing with normal frequency.

    I'm getting so discouraged like I'll never have the right amount or right flow of milk.
    have you been doing/done anything in particular about the fast letdown? Are you saying the flow is still too fast or something else??? 4-8 weeks is the typical peak of production, if a mom is making too much at that point, the body starts figuring it out and ramping production down. So time usually heals this particular issue.

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    Default Re: Fussy evening feedings, overactive letdown, pacifier?

    with MaddieB. I just want to add that a baby who is generally healthy and well-fed will not starve over the course of a single evening. If she is temporarily turning down the breast, it's okay.

    Some things that help with evening fussiness:
    - White noise- radio static, heartbeat and breathing sounds
    - Trip outside. Something about the change in light quality, wavelength, intensity... If it's too cold to go out, taking baby over to the window may help.
    - Calm house. As evening falls, turn the lights, tv, and stereo down or off.
    - Motion. When fussiness strikes, try a stroller ride, swing, rock in a rocking chair, etc.
    - Water. Try giving baby a warm, soap-free bath in the sink. The running water used to work (temporary) miracles on my kids.

    I think the keys to colic/evening fussiness are, one, remembering that this is a temporary stage that it will pass, and two, doing whatever it takes to buy yourself 5 minutes of calm at a time. No soothing technique you try is likely to work long, so just keep changing it up!

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