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Thread: Breasts not responding to the breast pump again

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    Default Breasts not responding to the breast pump again

    Dear All,

    Last time this happened, five months ago, I rode the wave out after going back to work, and my supply went back up within a week.

    My daughter is 8 months and three weeks. She weights 20 pounds, so she is not hurting for food, and she nurses at night. The problem is two-fold.

    She is really distracted when she nurses, and she won't latch on in the mornings before I go to work like she used to. She has also started eating solids, and nurses every two to three hours when I am home. (I am out from 8a.m. to 2p.m. or 5p.m., lately later in the afternoons.) She is also teething which has contributed to her difficulty latching sometimes, though the tooth broke through last week. She never went on a nursing strike, just nursed less time.

    The problem is I can't leave her more than eight ounces at a time, maybe 12, and that is if sometimes I tap into the reserve in the freeze
    r. I was able to leave her 20 to 15 ounces a few months ago. (I am also fighting a cold and have a fever, like right now.)

    She does nurse a lot at night, usually at least five times, and she is drinking well. I am just worried that we may have to give her formula, which I don't want to do, at all. I am not pumping more than .5 an ounce per breast to maybe 2 ounces. I get up at 3a.m. or sometimes pump in the mornings and get almost nothing.

    I am drinking more water and drinking Mother's Milk Tea. I guess I am wondering if anyone has had this problem, and if you just nursed your child when you were around her/him. I obviously don't want to dehydrate my little girl, but of the two, I would rather have her drink water than formula. Any advice would be helpful. (Yes, I checked the pump parts and am replacing the white thingies, just in case. I have a Medella pump.)

    My Daughter, Born: 03-05-2015, Weighed: 7lbs. 14oz. Measured: 20 inches
    My Son, Born: 12-08-2010, Weighed: 7lbs. 10oz. Measured: 20.5 inches

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    Default Re: Breasts not responding to the breast pump again

    I think it is pretty common to hit a pump slump at this age. But I am also wondering does your baby need more than 8-12 ounces? It sounds like the separations are 6-9 hours and baby nurses with overall good frequency while you are home, so that amount would sound about right to me. 20 to 15 ounces for that long of a separation sounds quite high. Maybe I am not understanding the length of the separations.

    Could more solid foods be given by caregiver and less milk?

    Are you sure there is no issue at all with your pump?

    Would you consider a stronger galactagogue dose via pills rather than tea? I am not sure but I think you can get a higher dose more easily with the pills. There are pills that are combinations or single galactagogues.

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    Default Re: Breasts not responding to the breast pump again

    Morning! I agree with Maddieb and just wanted to add a few things.

    My daughter is almost 10 1/2 months and is combination fed. I've never been able to pump enough for our separations, but that's another story. Daycare wanted to give her more formula, I kept saying no, and talked to the doctor about it at her 9 month appointment. Doc said that babies at her age only need 16-20 something oz per day of milk or formula (considering my daughter gets plenty of solids), so suggested if daycare wants to give her more formula, tell them water instead. So I did, and she gets maybe around 12 oz breastmilk and formula total for the day while she's at daycare. The rest of the feedings at daycare are solids and water and I nurse her at least 3x (usually more, but if we're busy, once when I get home, once to sleep, and at least once before I leave in the mornings). She still nurses around 8-10x on weekends, although that could be because I offer every two to three hours still. Obviously, this was for my daughter, with her needs, but your daughter is also almost 9 months so are you seeing her doc soon? Maybe you can get clarification that will be similar.

    I've also experienced several pump slumps and have seriously considered pump weaning now because I hate it and don't get much anyway but am persevering because I don't want to risk weaning before a year. After that year, I'm done pumping. At any rate, they are totally common at this age and what seems to help is: pumping or nursing more for at least a few days (I almost always notice a bit of a drop on Tuesdays after pumping on Mondays), changing out the valves and membranes (sounds like you've changed the membranes), and trying galactogogues. Not the tea--fenugreek and blessed thistle combined. I see an increase when I take it according to this protocol: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-HRMS

    Another note: the distractibility will fade a bit and baby will nurse more again even though your frequency sounds fine to me. Do you have enough in the freezer to get you through for a while? You may not really need as much as you think to get you through the next few months.
    & working mom of one sweet baby girl

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