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Thread: 8 month old biting

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    For the past month or so, I have been having trouble with my son (almost 9 months) biting while nursing. Almost every nursing session he will clamp down on my nipple and unlatch by scraping off. A few weeks ago he even bit so hard he broke the skin on the under side of my nipple! He's got two bottom teeth and the top ones are coming now, which is making me nervous because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop this behavior!

    He eats 4x per day--nursing in the morning, 2 bottles at daycare and nursing before bed. He's never had a great latch (tongue and upper lip tie, both of which were cut), and we worked through issues with a lactation consultant until he was about 4 months. He also tends to nurse for very short amount of time--about 10 mins or less total for both sides--so this is challenging, because he will act like he wants more, but will latch for a 10-15 seconds then clamp down. So I'm now worried I'm cutting his nursing short because I don't want to be bitten!

    He refuses to latch using nipple shields, so those are out. I've tried sternly (without yelling) saying "no biting" but he just laughs. I've tried yelling to startle him, but that hasn't worked. I have tried to remove him from the breast for a minute or so but it doesn't seem to irritate him very much. I've also heard it could be a phase, but it's been a month now and doesn't show any signs of stopping!

    He's my second. I nursed my daughter until 13 months, and I really want to go that long with him, but I am at my wits end with the biting and seriously contemplating whether I should just start exclusively pumping to avoid the pain and frustration Appreciate the help!
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    Morning! I have limited experience, but I'll try to jump in and let you know what has helped with my daughter. She was biting around the same age, and distractible at the same time. She is still a little bit distracted and does a lot of acrobatic nursing, but hasn't been biting lately. She's 10 months now. What helped was yes, time, but also paying more attention. I tend to hate sitting still so I often read or play with my phone while nursing and that didn't help matters. I had to focus on her and/or distract her from the biting. She loves this cloth book and I would give it to her while nursing and it helped a bit. Or sometimes I'd just have to give her my phone (I still have to do that--she cries until I give it to her, but I make her nurse and look at it at the same time.) I also kept unlatching her (sounds like what you are doing) and saying "no". If I tried to re-latch her and she bit again, I would give up and stop the session but try again maybe a 1/2 hour later or so. It didn't work right away but eventually worked.

    One thing that stood out for me in your post was the teething. Do you think he's hurting and biting down is partly how he might deal with it? If so, maybe something for the pain might help.

    Like I said, I don't have tons of ideas but kellymom has more: http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/biting/#prevent

    Good luck!
    & working mom of one sweet baby girl

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