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Thread: OALD & Oversupply- Very unhappy baby! Please help!

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    Default OALD & Oversupply- Very unhappy baby! Please help!

    I'm a FTM. My LO started sputtering, gagging, & choking while eating around week 3 (or maybe I just don't remember it prior to that). Around that time she started becoming noticeably uncomfortable (not sleeping soundly) & would shriek in pain. After doing some research I realized that I have an OALD, giving reason to my spraying milk nearly everywhere. I had read about foremilk/hindmilk imbalance & thought that might be the cause of her gas/pain and it might be but she's never had green or frothy poops. At this point I was only offering one breast per feeding.

    In desperation to help her, I began hand pumping at my LD..sometimes an OZ each feeding to ensure that my LD was lessened. She was 4 weeks at this point & she became like a new baby! The pain seemed to go away & she slept much more soundly.

    After a week of hand pumping & after posting in Milky Mommas FB page/consulting other mothers/research, I realized that my pumping was further perpetuating the oversupply issue. Per others advice & the advice of a LC, I began block feeding in 4 hour blocks, expressing only enough to lessen the force at LD, and trying numerous positions to try and correct the oversupply. I began doing this nearly a week ago (5 weeks, LO will be 6 weeks tomorrow) and LO is seemingly miserable. She's obviously not choking & gagging any longer as I'm expressing and my breasts are much less engorged but she is back to shrieking in pain. However, this time it's worse as she's begun to spit up a lot, crying in her sleep (sounds like she's in pain), and crying 75% of her awake time. Her BMs are still fairly regular and golden in color.

    I knew when I began the block feeding to correct my oversupply that it would be tough but I suppose I didn't expect it to be this terrible on her & of course I'm exhausted too..I'm trying to be patient & not get discouraged or frustrated but that's to no avail. I just don't understand how she could be a completely different baby one week because I'm pumping & then getting worse that she even was before during block feeding...so tempted to go back but I don't want a long term issue..

    Please, I will take any suggestions or encouragement!

    Things I've done: block feeding, express at LD, pump at LD, seen my pediatrician (who gave me Zantac which I'm not inclined to try), consulted an LC, offered 1 breast per feeding, fennel for gas, bicycling her legs, stomach massage, binky, warm bath, etc.

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    Default Re: OALD & Oversupply- Very unhappy baby! Please help!

    I should also state that LO is gaining weight very well.

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    Default Re: OALD & Oversupply- Very unhappy baby! Please help!

    Here is what I would suggest.
    Since you have block fed for a week, stop. You can always try it again if needed. But for now, stop. See article below about block nursing.
    Nurse baby as frequently as baby will, the more frequently the better. But let baby nurse one side at a time if that is what baby prefers.
    Instead of pumping prior to nursing, try to get the same result in one of two ways depending on what seems to work best at the time. Either hand express a little milk prior to nursing, or, nurse until letdown is triggered, take baby off, let any milk flow into a cloth, then re- latch baby. You may have to do this more than once.
    Hold baby upright as much as possible, especially after nursing.
    Nurse in a reclined (aka, "laid back" position) or sidelying as much as possible.
    If you are taking any galactagogues, lfor example, a nursing tea, stop.

    Block nursing: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Block+Feeding

    Helping baby handle fast flow with positioning: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Fast+Milk+Flow

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