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Thread: Pumped breastmilk supply changes once off nipple shield

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    I recently got my little guy off the nipple shield he is 2 months. Prior to that, at night I would feed him then pump and would average about 6 oz of milk total. Since getting him off the nipple shield I pumped after our night feeding and I barley got 1 oz total. Is this normal? Perhaps by little guy is drinking better off of me? Should I be concerned? I could hear him feeding off of me and it was a good feeding session. When I went to the lactation specialist yesterday she said I was transferring well a total of around 6 oz.

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    6 oz per feeding isn't just good supply, it's getting into the realm of oversupply! When babies feed at the breast, they typically average around 2-4 oz per feeding. Sometimes they will take more, which probably explains that 6 oz milk transfer the lactation specialist saw.

    It's very normal for post-feeding pump output to decline once a baby stops using the nipple shield. Shields are notorious for slowing and reducing milk transfer, which often leaves a mom with more milk to pump out at the conclusion of the feeding.

    If you are at all concerned about your baby's intake, watch his diaper output! Normal pee/poop output means normal milk intake. (Note: after 6 weeks, some breastfed babies will poop as infrequently as 1x per week. As long as pee output remains normal, there is no need to worry about infrequent pooping.)

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