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Thread: Very LOW milk supply for 5 m/o PLEASE HELP

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    Exclamation Very LOW milk supply for 5 m/o PLEASE HELP

    I started off great, my baby latched on with no problem, had great milk supply, as she started eating more I couldn't keep up with her demand and started on formula. I would skip or have fewer feedings/pumpings on the weekends sometimes. Out of nowhere she didn't want the boob anymore. I still pumped and would get a good supply. Then my milk almost completely stopped. I am taking fenugreek, milk thistle tea, drinking water, eating oatmeal but in one pump i wont even get 1 oz. I soooooo badly want to breastfeed my baby! Does it take time to get my milk back, its only been maybe 2 weeks that I started fenugreek and everything else. Should I think positive? I am a working mommy so I pump once in the morning, lunch and before bed.

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    Thank you for asking! I'm in a similar situation- my 5 mo. old has started getting frustrated at the slow let-down/low milk supply lately, though not to the extreme of yours yet. I'm hoping to head it off. I never could get more than an ounce tops on each side while pumping (after the initial oversupply when she was newborn) but luckily I never HAD to pump. I too have been trying oatmeal, more water, massage while she's nursing. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you, I just wanted to let you know you're not alone and I get the impression this is a common occurrence around 5-6 months. I'm sure some of the more experienced ladies have insight. Good luck with breastfeeding, I admire your determination!
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    Default Re: Very LOW milk supply for 5 m/o PLEASE HELP

    Hi momma, sorry you've had some problems. If you don't mind, here are a few questions to better understand your situation:

    How has weight gain been? Can you post the entire history - birth, lowest, and any after? It helps if you post in this format:

    Age - weight

    What made you think baby wasn't getting enough of your milk? Did weight gain stop? Fussy at breast? A comment from doctor?

    I'm a little unclear - does baby nurse at all? If so, how many times a day?

    How many oz of milk do you pump each day and what kind of pump do you use?

    How many oz of formula does baby get a day? How many bottles and how many oz per bottle?

    Where does baby sleep at night? In your bed, in your room, in her own room?

    Have you started taking any hormonal contraception? Mirena IUD, minipill, etc?

    In the mean time, I would say nurse as often as you can, and to pump when you can't nurse. You want to aim for at least 8 times per day - if baby nurses 5, then pump 3 times. if baby nurses twice, then pump 6 times, does that make sense? Frequent milk removal is better than any herb, tincture, tea, or cookie in terms of boosting milk. The herbs and such only work if you're already removing milk frequently and need a little boost. Milk is supply and demand based, so demand more = more production. I know you work, so this might mean you have to pump at night if baby won't nurse.

    I would also suggest, without knowing how much supplement baby is getting, to be sure that baby isn't being over fed from supplements. Babies typically eat between 20 and 30 oz of milk a day, so if a lot of that is formula or bottle milk, she might not have the urge to nurse as much as you want because she's getting most of her needs from other sources. Keep an eye on wet diapers if you're worried. A decrease in wet diaper output is a sign baby needs a little more.

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