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Thread: Is Tommee tippee closer to nature bottles!

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    Question Is Tommee tippee closer to nature bottles!

    Hi all,
    does anyone use these and what do you think of them? Does your baby take in much air or do you find them good...

    Reason I am asking, still having terrible trouble with Mickey. He loves aptamil, well seems to but for some reason will still not take more than 2/3oz in a feed. He's 13 weeks on Thursday and during the day is not getting more than 9oz which is not good. I just don't know what else to do now...

    I've tried SMA Gold, did not agree with him, cow & gate, cow & gate comfort now aptamil so we have run out of ideas on the milk front.

    The only thing I now can think of is to completely change his bottles and see how that goes? I just don't know what the problem is now.

    I have spoken to HV and doctor but they are useless and don't really give you any sort of answer or help.

    I even tried a wee bit of rusk in his bedtime feeds for the last 2 nights to bulk him up a bit in the hope that he would sleep longer and wake up hungrier and take a 5oz bottle but no, that didn't work! He is just not getting enough mlk in the day to keep him satisfied and it's doing my head in!

    He was taking more than this when he was 5 weeks old

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    Default Re: Is Tommee tippee closer to nature bottles!

    I wonder if you meant to post here? Many of us don't formula feed and therefore don't know a lot about it...

    9 oz of milk during the day over how many hours? 9 oz can be perfectly fine for your baby. If the separation is shorter, maybe like 6 or 7 hours. I don't know what the formula oz per hour recommendation is but breast fed babies need an oz to an oz and a half per hour so there's that.

    5 oz is a huge feeding for babies, regardless. The 2-3 oz he is taking is much more in line with what a baby would typically take. Their tummies are small and I wonder why you want to stuff him with 5 oz at a time instead of breaking it into a few smaller feeds. Maybe a 3 oz and a 2 oz a little later woukd go over better, as that seems to be his preference anyway.

    Adding solids to milk has been proven over and over to not lengthen sleep times. Babies are meant to wake often to reassure themselves of safety and food. Long, deep sleeps from food comas can be potentially dangerous. At 3 months, baby's gut is still developing and introducing solids can be irritating to him. I'd suggest offering nothing but formula, and see how that goes. Keep in mind NORMAL baby sleep patterns - they will wake up at night regardless of what baby eats.

    The best way to tell if baby is getting enough is by wet diapers and weight gain. If both are okay, then it's likely nothing is amiss and your baby is trying for a new normal.

    If baby ate more at 5 weeks, is it possible baby was overfed at 5 weeks and is now trying to tone down the milk intake? Growth slows a bit at 3-4 months so maybe he doesn't need as much as he once did?

    Is this helpful to you?

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