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Thread: Baby seems to be sucking in a lot of air when feeding

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    Default Re: Baby seems to be sucking in a lot of air when feeding

    I am happy baby has had another good feeding. I think it is really true that not every feeding will be perfect no matter what the circumstance, but of course that is very hard when there is concern baby is not getting enough to eat plus your other concerns. Even though it was stressful I am so glad you got the tests and help you needed due to your perseverance and insistence. A good lesson! Please keep us posted.

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    Default Re: Baby seems to be sucking in a lot of air when feeding

    Should be the final update. Hopefully at least one person sees this thread with similar symptoms and this helps them. I wouldn't say we had a bad experience with the doctors we saw but we had to push more than I would have liked. People were dismissing it saying he would grow out of it. If we didn't push, we may not have gotten the good results that we did. Granted, this is something he is going to grow out of but we wouldn't know to feed him laying across our lap, with a different bottle, and pacing him.

    After the hospital stay he has been feeding well. A few bad ones but for the most part he is getting it down. He is back to gaining good weight which we are both really happy about. He is 4 weeks old and seems to be on track with the 5 to 7 oz a week after regaining his birth weight.

    Birth weight was 7.6
    Leaving hospital was 6.9
    First pedi appointment was 7.2
    Second pedi appointment was 7.9
    Pedi visit for feeding issue was 7.6
    Hospital visit was 7.11
    Today at third pedi appointment was 8.3

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