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Thread: Sudden Decrease in milk supply at 8 mos. Very irritable baby

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    Default Sudden Decrease in milk supply at 8 mos. Very irritable baby

    Hello Community!

    I am in desperate need of advise/feedback! My milk supply suddenly dropped 6 days ago. I have been cramping for about 3 weeks AND my 8 month old was sick with a cold last week. Not sure if it was merely a coincidence, or a combination of both but my LO was not nursing as much for several days due to her congested nose. One night she didn't nurse at all and I woke up with what felt like pretty empty breasts. From then on she has been extremely irritable and CONSTANTLY wanting to nurse. Constantly. She switches between both breasts every 10 seconds and never seems satisfied.
    My LO snacked on solids 1-2 a day, sometimes none at all. With the exception of two nights, she still nurses at night, we bed share, she does not use a pacifier and pretty much rejects being bottle fed.
    Ive tried every natural remedy to increase supply to no avail. I've taken pregnancy tests wondering if perhaps that could be the culprit and they were all negative.
    Anyone else experience similar and could give advise? Should i just give it up and switch to the dreaded formula?
    thank you for your support!

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    Default Re: Sudden Decrease in milk supply at 8 mos. Very irritable

    Hey mama, sorry we didn't get to your question in a more timely fashion! How are things going now?

    Supply dips during certain parts of your menstrual cycle and when baby is ill are common, and you don't have to switch to formula because of them. What you are doing- allowing baby to nurse as much as possible- is what brings supply back when it dips. If you're concerned about her intake, watch her diaper output. Normal output = good input. If the baby is not peeing enough- remember, at 8 months pee is more informative than poop because many babies will occasionally go a few days without pooping- then we may need to talk about formula supplements while you work on figuring out what is going on. But supplementing when necessary is not the same thing as switching to formula. So put the thought of switching out of your mind, unless of course it's something you want to do!

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