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Thread: Latching issues with newborn

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    Exclamation Latching issues with newborn

    My 6 day old was nursing well in the hospital he had a tongue tie but I got that fixed. Now when I nurse it takes at least 10 mins for him to latch on and sometimes when he does latch he doesn't drink milk. I do not want to be frustrated but we were doing so well now I don't know what to do

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    Hi I'm sorry you're having this difficulty. I think it would help to have some more information.
    It's pretty typical for it to be a little bit difficult to latch a brand-new baby. Both you and baby are learning. So if it's taking 10 minutes to get baby latched I'm not that concerned about that. What I don't understand is what do you mean baby is not drinking? How do you know?

    Are you giving baby food besides what baby is getting from nursing? If so it would really help to know how often you are feeding baby supplements, how much baby is getting and how baby is getting these supplemental feedings. If you are feeding baby your pumped breastmilk or formula are you also pumping and how many times per day?

    Please give a complete weight history if you can. Note when different scales were used.
    How many times in 24 hours does baby poop and what does it look like? About how much is it - enough to scoop up in a spoon? More? Less?

    When baby nurses is it comfortable for you?

    Are you under the care of a lactation consultant? Who diagnosed the tongue tie? is anyone helping you with breast-feeding issues? Sometimes when a baby has tongue tie there are nursing issues even after it is been treated, so follow up care is often important.


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