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Thread: Need help weaning!

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    Default Need help weaning!

    My daughter is 13 months and I think I'm about ready to slow down on our nursing journey. I know she looks forward to nap time and night time nursing but as of lately it's been so constant that she wants to nurse. Whenever she is by me she pulls down my shirt and will cry and hit if I won't let her nurse. I have loved nursing her from the start but now it is starting to feel like a chore. How can I begin the weaning process with her? I've tried cutting out feedings one at a time but as soon as she eats something else she is right back at me trying to nurse! How can I get her to stop insisting on nursing?

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    She likely won't want to stop nursing on her own for a long while. By nature, toddlers nurse through their 2nd year. It's reassuring to the child and it helps bridge gaps in diet, in immunity, and continues to help boost brain and eye development.

    All that said, your well being counts too. Is there a session particularly bothersome to you and others less so? Maybe you could keep the nap/night nursings, but refuse the day ones. Or you could try night weaning. Just be aware that you'll still have to parent your child to sleep, so whatever you choose to replacing nursing will also take time and effort. Will it be less effort than nursing?

    Any change in nursing will be met with resistance, but if you can gently refuse her while offering lots of attention and cuddles instead, she'll eventually stop asking.

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