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Thread: 8 Month old and unpredictable production, supplement?

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    Question 8 Month old and unpredictable production, supplement?

    Hello! My LO is 8 months old, he has been exclusively BF and started solids around 4 months. I have had the luck of overproducing until I had food poisoning a few weeks ago. Ever since my production has been unpredictable. Some days I produce like normal and most days I seem to have next to none. So far baby has not seemed dehydrated, but occasionally seems to have more hunger than I can satisfy. We have upped his solid intake to breakfast and dinner, soon we will add lunch. However, he is sometimes uninterested in eating very much solid foods. I have been considering supplementing with formula, possibly before bed? He seems to be most hungry during the night and wakes up several times to feed (used to sleep through the night), and I have hardly any to give. I am very cautious in what I give him, we puree our own organic foods and I am unsure of the best option for formula. I started to research but there is so much out there! Has anyone had a similar situation that can lend some advise on how to supplement and some healthy (as natural as possible) formula? Is it normal to start drying up around this time? I am a full time student and baby is in daycare or with dad while I am in class. My freezer supply is dwindling down to nothing, I am nervous I will run out and be left dry. Thank you!

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    Default Re: 8 Month old and unpredictable production, supplement?

    Hello, welcome! Congrats on making it 8 months!

    Some questions to better understand your situation:

    How often do you pump? How much do you get? What kind of pump do you use?

    How much milk does baby get while you're gone? How many bottles with how many oz in them? Example, 3 bottles with 3 oz each, for a total of 9 oz.

    How has weight gain been? It's normal for weight to slow after 4 months, but has he been following his curve? Above, below? Any concerns?

    Do you share a sleep space? Same bed or room?

    The best way to help milk production is to extract more milk. Pumping more or nursing more, either one is fine. If you up his solid intake, it stands to reason he will take less milk, which is not what you want, correct? I would suggest nursing as often as possible while you're together, and pumping a bit more of he's not interested in nursing. It'll be a bit of work, but of you want to avoid formula that's the way to do it.

    Many moms feel they have lower milk supply around 8-9 months, since baby is more mobile and not so interested in nursing all day. Night nursing is important to maintain milk past the year mark, since baby isn't likely to go crawling around and will settle in for a decent nurse session. I'd suggest trying to encourage another nightly session.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: 8 Month old and unpredictable production, supplement?

    Thank you!

    I usually pump once at school and then right when I get home, which is about every 5 hours. How much I get depends on the day, sometimes a good 8 oz and sometimes only 5. I use a medela pump.

    He eats about every 4 hours and will finish 8 oz. So occasionally I can keep up but on the days I do not pump a lot I lose my freezer supply.

    His weight has been health per his Pediatrician. He is 18lbs right now. Has been consistent at 80-90% for his height and 20-30% for his weight. His dad is tall and thin and I am also very thin so his Ped said it is expected.

    He has been in his crib in his own room since about 8 weeks.

    I have been trying to pump before I turn in about 10-11pm like I always have. He goes to sleep around 8 has his last feeding about 7:30. However, lately I have not been able to get more than 1 oz during that pump. It was pretty normal for him to wake up once to feed during the night and go right back to sleep since he started teething. However, the past few nights he has wanted to eat about 3 times and I do not think he gets very much during those feeds since they are so often. I can definitely try pumping more often. I do want him to eat solids also, my ped recommended that he be comfortable eating two meals a day by nine months so we definitely want to keep that up.

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