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Thread: Help! Super gassy baby. Is it the breast milk?

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    Default Help! Super gassy baby. Is it the breast milk?

    My 10 week old newborn is super gassy which causes him discomfort. He is gaining weight well and is 13.8 lbs and born 7.5 lb at birth.~75 percentile during 2 month check up last week. We do belly massage, warm bath(should we do it daily), bicycle his legs, use the simthecone drops. I have trouble getting him to burp especially at night. He often spits up too and seem to cry more with that. He will wake up screaming at times and when I pick him up and will spit up or burp. So I know it was the gas that cause him to wake. My husband thinks we should try formula. I do not want to but not sure what to say or do to help my baby. I do breastfeeding only and my husband usually give a bottle in the morning (5-6 am) so I can sleep more. I cut out milk but do admit still eating chocolate and bread. Any suggestions on how to decrease gassiness so my baby can sleep longer and not be in distress during the day.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Help! Super gassy baby. Is it the breast milk?

    The idea that a baby being gassy is a reason to switch to formula is a compete and total myth. In fact, the idea that a formula fed baby is helped by switching formulas due to being gassy is also a myth in the vast majority of cases, studies have shown. Babies get gas, and sometimes it makes them uncomfortable. This is 100% normal. Also, dairy allergies via breastmilk are pretty rare. If you really want to test the dairy idea, and I am not suggesting this, you can eliminate ALL dairy even trace dairy, for 5-7 days. If there is no improvement, dairy is not the problem. In fact you should see improvement faster than that if dairy is the issue.

    Here is what I would suggest overall:
    Sometimes babies are more gassy due to a fast letdown, which is usually caused by mom making more milk than is needed. Here are some things to help with that:
    Nurse baby as frequently as baby will. Smaller, more frequent feedings are more easily digested. This does not mean limit the length of the feedings. If you increase the frequency, that will lead to smaller feedings( less intake) overall. Baby may want to nurse for comfort, and that should be encouraged.
    Nurse one side at a time if baby prefers, unless this makes you uncomfortably full.
    Stop practices that unnaturally lengthen time between nursing sessions, such as bottle feedings done when you are home and can nurse. Your baby does not need a bottle in the morning so you can sleep longer. Nurse baby while lying in bed, then ask husband to take baby so you can go back to sleep for a while. No one ever needs to feed a healthy, normally gaining baby in order to give mom a "break," unless that "break" is over 3-4 hours or so.
    Stop practices that increase milk production- pumping (when it is not necessary due to a separation from baby) and/or taking galactagogues.
    Nurse in a leaning back position or sidelying if baby appears to be having issues with fast flow while nursing.
    Hold baby more or less upright most of the time. Some babies like the magic baby hold- info on that linked below
    Gas drops have been proven ineffective. Try probiotics, which some studies suggest help a little. But again, gassiness is normal.
    Sleep longer? What is your expectation there? Newborns tend to sleep in short stretches day and night. There are many ways to increase overall parental sleep, but that is not necessarily the same as increasing infant sleep. Babies tend to sleep as long as they need to, and that is not usually very long. Holding baby when they sleep, wearing baby in a sling or wrap, and also bedsharing if that is an option you would like to try are all likely to result in baby sleeping a bit longer.

    If you have signs that you have a severe overproduction, including getting engorged or unnaturally rapid weight gain, get back to us, we can provide info for that. I suggest do NOT block feed, at least not yet. Try above ideas first.

    Tips for dad, including magic baby hold: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...t_partners.pdf
    Overall fussy baby ideas: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ybabyideas.pdf

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