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Thread: Domperidone+herbal galactogogues?

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    Default Domperidone+herbal galactogogues?

    Hello, has anyone taken domperidone and one or more herbal galactogogue at the same time? I was on Motherlove (goats' rue, fenugreek, others) then added Go-Lacta (malunggay) and didn't get enough response, so now I'm adding domperidone. I heard there could be interferences between domperidone and some herbs but can't find any information on line. Thanks for any information!

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    Default Re: Domperidone+herbal galactogogues?

    I think it's quite common for moms to combine herbal supplements and Rx drugs when trying to boost supply. I personally never noticed any negative impact of one on the other (i combined Reglan, fenugreek, and blessed thistle).

    Want to talk supply issues and what other avenues are open to you for boosting supply? We're happy to discuss your particular situation and see if there's anything that can be tweaked!

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    Default Re: Domperidone+herbal galactogogues?

    Domperidone has a lot of potential drug interactions, and it's certainly possible they could include some herbal medicines.

    I couldn't find anything suggesting interactions with most of the herbs commonly used as galactagogues, except possibly moringa/malunggay—I found a couple of studies showing moringa may inhibit one of the liver enzymes that's involved in metabolizing domperidone. Grapefruit juice does the same thing, which is why it's not supposed to be used with a lot of medications.

    There may also be interactions that we don't know about because of the lack of research on most herbal drugs.

    My best suggestion would be to let your doctor know about everything that you're taking. Dr. Hale of InfantRisk has also been known to suggest that moms have their prolactin levels checked, and have an EKG to make sure they don't have a prolonged QT interval, before starting domperidone.

    Like mommal said, if you'd like to share some more about your situation, we'd be happy to see if there are other strategies we could suggest.

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