My LO is close to a month and we started to introduce bottles here and there to give us some flexibility. She will take a bottle fine, however she still wants to nurse for comfort afterward. I'm not against her nursing for comfort when I'm there, however it's really hard on anyone else who tries to feed her a bottle if I'm not there to let her nurse afterwards. My husband is the one who feeds her the bottles and I'd eventually like for my mom to be able to watch her for a couple hours here and there and I don't see how this would be possible given she really likes to comfort nurse.

I should mention a few things... I generally let her nurse to sleep if she wants to. Additionally she will take a paci however it's considered more of "an additional to" not a replacement for the real thing... She has a bit of reflux and can be fussy right after feeding, so she already can be a little uncomfortable and grumpy after eating- which is why she comfort nurses I assume. Has anyone dealt with this and had any success getting a comfort nurser to take a bottle and not have a meltdown afterwards if she can't be on breast?? It breaks my heart to think of her crying to nurse and not being there for her