Hi, my LG is 11 weeks old and she suffers with colic.
I use Colief to ease her stress and on the most part it has helped, before being on this she cried constantly and wouldn't have bowel movements for 3-4 days at a time. Now that she is on it she is much better but still has regular fussy periods.
I have started giving her the occasional bottle of formula (aptamil comfort milk) as I struggle to express and wanted to be able to leave her with her father on occasion. I also think it's good for bonding if the baby knows that the father can take care of them and feed them also.
Basically, since having the formula, I have notices a pattern. Each time she has a bottle she will have a bowel movement as soon as she has finished her feed and then I'd have a happy baby again as the stomach ache is relieved. I am now giving a daily bottle, but has her hunger has grown, so has the length of her crying periods. She is only happy after having a bottle followed by a bowel movement.
I feel like my baby would be much happier on the formula, and that I am persevering with the breastfeeding because I enjoy it and it benefits me, please help me find the motivation to keep breastfeeding because right now it feels like the selfish option.