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Thread: low baby weight?

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    Default low baby weight?

    Hey ladies. My little man's pediatrician believes that his weight is too low for his age. He is a slow gainer and has been since birth.
    He was born at 37 weeks weighing 7.11 (pooping 4 times that night he then weighed 7.5).
    At his 2 day he was 7.2 my milk had not yet come in.
    1mt appt he gained at 8.6.
    * at 1.5 mts he was taking in b/c I thought he had relfux *
    2mt he was 9 even.
    2.5mt weight check 9.4.
    LO is now 3 mts 3 days old.

    He has normal poops and wets according to the Kelly mom website.
    I also pump once a night for back up while I'm in class *2 hrs a week*

    His pediatrician wants me to supplement formula?!?!?! I hate this idea. He is in the 15% for length and head and only in the 5% for weight. I don't agree at all with formula. He is ebf when I am home and most of the time he doesn't need to expressed milk bottle when I go to class. I cut dairy when we thought it was causing the reflux and spitting up. There was no change. Recently, he had some green diapers so I tried block feedings. That fixed the color of poop but he was having less diapers. So, I have gone back to giving him one breast at a time since that helps with his spit up.

    P.S. I spoke to LC from the hospital and she thinks I need to pump after every feeding, cut dairy, use reflux meds, offer both breasts. WHAT?!

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    Default Re: low baby weight?

    A few questions to better understand your situation:

    Do you nurse on cue or on a schedule?

    How many times in 24 hours does baby nurse?

    Where does baby spend most of his time - on you, in a swing, in a crib, etc?

    How much do you pump per session? What kind of pump do you have?

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    Default Re: low baby weight?

    I feed on demand about 7-8 times. he spends most of his time on me. Morning and evening in bed with me. In his swing during most naps and some nights. We have started tummy time on a play mat.

    I have a Medulla style advance. Missed feeding 2-2.5 one side. In between feeding 1-1.5 one side.

    edit: If I try to feed in closer increments he just spits it right back up. As soon as he burps its a flow of my milk coming right back up.
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    Default Re: low baby weight?

    P.S. I spoke to LC* from the hospital and she thinks I need to pump after every feeding,
    This would increase milk production
    cut dairy,
    This assumes the issue (or an issue) is a dairy allergy
    use reflux meds
    , assumes baby has pathological reflux (as opposed to normal spit up that most babies have)
    offer both breasts.
    Offering both breasts at a time would (if it works) increase the size of the feeding, keep baby more awake/active during the feeding, and also is helpful to milk production.

    *Do you mean on the phone or you had a consult?

    So what do you think? aside from the slow gain, is there any indication baby has some other issue like painful, irritating reflux or allergy? Do you feel like you have low production? High? Normal? Is baby sleepy on the breast? Does your baby nurse on one side or both, typically? Is nursing comfortable for you?

    By far the most common reason a baby does not gain adequately is baby is not getting enough to eat. Yes sometimes there are other issues but those are less likely. And some babies are just slower gainers.

    I would suggest, the easiest thing to try, and the least likely to cause any additional problems, is to encourage baby to nurse more often and to take both sides (unless baby already is doing this.) Frequent nursing leads to smaller individual feedings and consequently is not likely to cause spit up that is harmful. Most babies spit up frequently, and it is normal and in no way contributes to poor gain. Another way to help baby get more milk during a feeding is to try breast compressions while baby nurses.

    If you can see an IBCLC for a real consultation, I would suggest that. Sometimes poor gain is caused by poor milk transfer or another issue your IBCLC is trained to find.

    block feeing reduces milk production, so it is important to not do that unless baby is gaining overly rapidly. Nursing one side at a time is not really block feeding and may be fine, but possibly not if baby is nursing 8 or fewer times a day.

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    Default Re: low baby weight?

    I spoke with her through texts which she prefers.
    I think I'm frustrated and discouraged. I ebf my 2nd child with no trouble other than oversupply in the beginning. This child is having so much trouble I just don't understand. I am completely comfortable bfing anywhere! I have no shame. I do use a two shirt method in lieu of a cover.

    He frequently falls asleep on the breast; but is awake during the majority. As he pulls on my shirt or bra he unlatches so I am constantly relatching. Or if I notice him not swallowing I unlatch/relatch. When I try to nurse him more often it seems like he spits it all up and is then in pain.
    Since I got used to feeding on one side for reflux that's how he typically nurses. I am trying to feed on both sides now.

    I have stopped block feeding since I think it decreased my supply too much. So, maybe I should add another pump session or pump after a feeding to increase? He doesn't ever seem to be at the breast and unsatisfied. I'm even a human pacifier at times.

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