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Thread: Supply steadily decreasing. Tried everything, nothing works!

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    Unhappy Supply steadily decreasing. Tried everything, nothing works!

    Up until last month, I could easily pump 3.5-4 ounces per session within 10 min. I got sick a couple weeks ago and chalked up my dip in supply to my health. However, it's still been several weeks and my supply hasn't gone back to what it used to be. Now, I'm lucky to get 2 ounces per session.

    Things I've tried and am still trying today:
    Drinking a ton of water (about a gallon/day)
    Honest co. lactation pills
    Fenugreek tea
    Mother's milk tea
    steel cut oatmeal daily
    Milkn' lactation cookies
    Nursing throughout the night
    Power pumping

    None of these are helping! And I send four 3oz bottles (12oz total) with my daughter everyday to daycare and she gobbles it all up, so I'm stressing about keeping up with her! I'm almost through my freezer stash as well because sometimes I just don't pump enough!
    Is it possible that some moms just "dry up"?
    We also cosleep and bedshare so I let her have free reign of my boobs all night.

    Please please help!! I'd also like to re-grow a freezer stash for the future, if possible.

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    Default Re: Supply steadily decreasing. Tried everything, nothing wo

    Hello! Sorry, didn't see this until now. It sounds like you've been doing great with pumping for a while. I doubt you are drying up, but maybe you are not responding as well to the pump. Have you checked valves and membranes? You can always replace them, which can help. Have you called your pump manufacturer to trouble shoot any pump issues?

    How old is baby? I ask because if baby is older than 6 months and getting solids, you can substitute some feedings of breastmilk while at day care for solids. It helps with the pumping pressure. I should know--we have to supplement because I've simply never been able to pump enough while I'm at work, but when I'm with baby and nursing, she gets plenty. If you're really worried, you could try a few weighted feeds just to see how much your daughter is getting over a few nursing sessions.

    I don't have the greatest luck with pumping, but I have found that in terms of supply, the best thing to do is to nurse as much as you can with baby. If baby is getting solids at home, nurse prior to giving solids and nurse after. If I'm the only one home, I don't even bother with solids and just nurse my daughter instead of giving solids (although I have to eat fast or she wants some of what I'm eating).

    In terms of pumping, it can take some time for you to see an increase in pump output. For whatever reason, milk production can sometimes be a result of how you were nursing or pumping a few weeks or months before. Kind of odd, but I've seen it happen with my own supply. As with nursing sessions, to increase your pump output you have to pump more. Can you add in a few sessions at work/home/while driving? Which is hard, I know. I manage 4 at work most days and that's what I have to be content with, unless I add in a session or two during my commute.

    I don't know what the Honest Co. lactation pills have in them, but I did see an uptick in supply (not with pumping, unfortunately, but baby started taking only one breast when nursing) when I used both Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle together according to this protocol: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-HRMS
    I've tried the teas as well but from what I've read, it really doesn't do too much to boost supply because there just isn't' that much of the herbs in the teas to make a difference.

    Good luck!
    & working mom of one sweet baby girl

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