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Thread: 12 month old sleeps with nipple shield

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    Default 12 month old sleeps with nipple shield

    Hi ladies! Sorry if this has already been started as a thread. I looked through and didn't find anything. So my daughter has been using the nipple sheild since I'd say about 2 months old. She latched on right away with it and my supply has never dropped while using it. I've tried weaning her off, but she bit me really hard and made me bleed. So I've just continued using it. Last week she got hit with the roseola virus and we found the only way for her to feel comforted outside of my arms is if she was holding the nipple sheild. So we let her hold it while laying with my husband...then he let her start walking around with it...now when she is done nursing at night she'll pull it off and sleep with it...and when we are playing she'll constantly try to find it so she will have it while walking around. I've tried taking it away but she gets really upset and then it's like a battle for her to stop looking for it. I definitely don't want her walking around with a nipple sheild as a lovey. I've tried getting her to love on something else, but it isn't working. Right now I work 35 hours a week, pump 2X and if I don't get enough she'll have goats milk. I still nurse her in the morning and at night and don't plan on stopping that anytime soon. Any advice??

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    Have you tried offering a pacifier as a lovey? It's a lot less embarrassing a lovey than a nipple shield, I think, and it does have something of the same squishy texture...

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned that she does use a paci.

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