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Thread: Both of My Babies were/are Fussy Nursers! Why?

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    Default Both of My Babies were/are Fussy Nursers! Why?

    Alright, so when my daughter was a baby, I nursed her to 1 year and she was super fussy and weird about it the whole year. I started using a shield with her after about 1 month because I had a forceful let down and she refused to ween from it, so I used it the whole time. She gained weight no problem, but it was just always a pain to nurse her because she'd constantly latch, pull away, cry, repeat.

    Now I have a second child, who is 4 months and he is the same way! Latch, pull away, fuss, repeat. Differences are that I don't use a shield with him and he isn't gaining weight as well. I think his diapers are ok, but I've always struggled with figuring that out. His weight went from 74% to 60% to 48% to 38% to 21% to 15% (today) at subsequent appointments.

    Why are my babies like this with nursing? Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Both of My Babies were/are Fussy Nursers! Why?

    Hi mama, I'm sorry to read your have had some trouble with nursing over the years. I wanted to ask you about your babies latch. Does he seem to get a good seal when nursing? Maybe he has some anatomical reasons why he pulls off so much, have you by chance seen an IBCLC since he was born to have his latch and such function assesed in more detail?

    It is normal for babies weight to slow down over time, but looking at a bigger picture sometimes can help to tell how baby is doing overall. How has his length increased along with his weights, does your pedi seem worried about anyother growth markers like fontenal closures or head circumfrance?
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    Default Re: Both of My Babies were/are Fussy Nursers! Why?

    Some more questions for you:
    - How often does baby nurse? (# of times per 24 hour period)
    - Are you nursing on a schedule or when baby cues?
    - Does your baby sleep through the night or nurse during the night?
    - Has baby ever been checked for tongue or lip ties?
    - Has baby been checked for reflux?
    - Are you using any form of hormonal birth control?

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