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Thread: 9month old food intake change....

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    Default 9month old food intake change....

    My 9.5 month old baby girl is EBF. She has always ate every 2-2.5 hrs. Since sept 1st. She goes to baby sitter mon-fri. From 9am to 330pm. I breast feed her 2 times before I take her at 9 am then she has a 6oz bottle of pumped breast milk at about 1030am. Then she used to have a 4oz bottle around 130pm and some baby food. then breast feed from me when I pick her up at 330 then eats at 530 and more baby food. then 730 then at 10 just before bed. She sleeps all night no feedings. So 8 feedings a day but in last 2 weeks she has dramatically changed her eating times. She goes about 3 hours or more in between. So she only has 4-5 feedings a day now. At the sitter she refuses the 1:30 bottle all together but still eats the baby food.
    So I'm wondering how many feedings of breast milk roughly a day should she be eating? And is only having 1 -6oz bottle the whole 6.5 hours enough? She still has the baby food but I just wanna makes sure that's enough...
    Should she be drinking water? I thought more then a couple ounces of water a day is bad for them. I just donno......
    What if she drops more feedings..... How little is to little before u have to supplement?
    Thanks for all your insight. I'm a FTM and have no idea if I'm doing this right! Lol

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    Default Re: 9month old food intake change....

    The rule of thumb is 1 to 1.5 oz of milk per hour of separation. This means the 6 oz she's taking while you're gone is a little low BUT she's eating food, so I think she should be okay. It's entirely possible she was being overfed previously and has since decided she doesn't need so much. I'd suggest breaking the 6 oz into 2 smaller bottles to spread the milk out. She can feed at the same times as before but just smaller meals. 6 oz is a huge meal for most babies so she is probably stuffed, and then the baby food tops her off until you get home.

    How are her wet diapers? If she's generally happy and not miserable I don't think I'd worry.

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    Default Re: 9month old food intake change....

    Do you think the sitter would be open to things like offering breastmilk frozen slush via spoon, or mixing some of your milk into the baby's solids? Since you're providing the milk, I see no reason not to use it!

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