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Thread: 13 months of constant feeding day and night

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    Default 13 months of constant feeding day and night

    I'm after some advice please. I have breastfed my daughter on demand since birth. For most part, I have loved it. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and the best is the beautiful bond between mummy and baby.

    She is now 13 months and her feeding over the past 4 months has continued to get more frequent. She has never slept for more than 2 hours at night and now a good night will be sleeping for 1 hour at a time. We co-sleep because it was a way to get any sleep at all and she feeds to sleep. She is extremely strong-willed and will just scream if we try to do anything other than feed her.

    I always wanted her to wean herself off feeding, however I've reached rock bottom. She doesn't bit but her teeth graze my nipples constantly throughout feeding so much so they have teeth marks and red raw after every feed. She also likes to comfort herself my playing with my other nipple(!) which is painful as she there isn't enough time inbetween feeds to get them to recover. I love my daughter so much and I'm sad I'm having to write about this, but I have no gone back to work and simply cannot function. When I am at work she is fine with my mum, no breastmilk and not crying after me. It is just when she is with me she wants it. This is so wonderful, beautiful and lovely in so many ways, but I have reached my limit of getting sleep in 45min blocks, plus her being attached for 90% of the night and now having to work on that.

    Please help.

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    Default Re: 13 months of constant feeding day and night

    hi first I would suggest thinking about whether there are possibly any medical issues. Extreme frequent waking may be linked to allergies for example. You also might want to think about whether she is actually hungry or thirsty. How is your child's eating habits and weight gain?
    Second I would suggest changing positions and encouraging your child to open wider or to nurse more gently etc. so nursing does not hurt you.
    Twiddling: My daughter is a serious twiddler and while sometimes I just go with it I do try to get her to stop sometimes as well. Nothing works for all long but here is what has worked for at least a session:
    Having her hold a toy. (Variation: she likes it if I nurse the toy on the other side.)
    Hold her hand
    Pull & hold my shirt down on that side
    Lay on the other side
    Place her hand elsewhere
    Give her something more interesting to twiddle- a necklace you are wearing for example. Make sure it is durable. Not earrings!
    Twiddling on the other side is a form or kneading: a way to get the milk to flow more quickly. Perhaps your milk production could use a boost? You might consider trying a herbal or food galactagogue, or maybe doing breast compressions yourself.

    It sounds to me as if you do not want to wean entirely yet, but rather limit nursing sessions. What is important to understand is that the process is the same- what works for limiting sessions also will eventually lead to weaning. So even if you do not want to full on wean yet, a good gentle weaning book will be helpful in your efforts in limiting sessions. 2 I suggest are The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning and How Weaning Happens.

    General tips for limiting nursing when the child does not respond well to "no" (Like most children.)
    Limit length of session
    Offer alternatives. Snacks or drinks at night may help.
    Avoid assuming "nursing positions." Stay on your feet (obviously this does not work at night)
    Say "yes when"...(When we get home, when I am finished eating, when the sun comes up etc.)
    Did the more frequent nursing at night coincide with return to work?

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    Default Re: 13 months of constant feeding day and night

    I'm up all night, too. *hug*

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