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Thread: Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

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    Default Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

    Need a bit advice/help/support,
    My beautiful baby boy is now 5 days old.
    I have been breastfeeding and despite him being tongue tied, with the use of nipple shields he has been feeding well (awaiting appointment to get tie snipped)
    In hospital they advised me not to let him go more than 5 hours without a feed which he doesn't do, but he does sleep 5 hours straight after bf at 2am. The midwife came today and weighed him and he's went from 10lb 12 born to 9lb 14 which she said is a 7% drop and normal.
    She also noted that he is jaundiced, her recommendations was to feed him every 2 to 3 hours, wake him for feeds if he doesn't wake himself and to express to get my milk supply up.
    I'm really stressing out as through the day he never seems to be off the breast which means I don't even get a chance to express or I'd constantly be plugged into a pump or my son?
    How do I time between feed? Do I go from when he finishes? Or starts? (Sometimes can go breast to breast for hours)
    Also sometimes he starts shaking his head and won't latch?
    I'm getting so stressed over the conflicting advice from proffessionals that I now feel like I'm failing at breastfeeding..
    Hormones aren't helping literally sat and cried all night tonight as feel like I no longer know what I'm doing when I felt pretty confident until the jaundice...
    Any replies are welcomed
    Thankyou xxx

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    Default Re: Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

    Hi and congrats on new baby. So, In the hospital you were told to not let baby go longer than 5 hours. You can pretty much discount this because while it is not wrong exactly it certainly gives the very mistaken impression a baby might actually regularly go that long without nursing! Any baby regularly going 5 hours or anything like it between nursing sessions is almost certainly not getting enough to eat. Newborns need to nurse way more often. Whether the one 5 hour stretch once a day is a problem or not depends on a few things.

    On the other hand, The midwife appears to believe you have a low milk production or are at risk of that, or that baby is not transferring milk very well, perhaps due to the tongue tie? I do not know why else you would need to pump. Are you supposed to give baby whatever your pump? And how? Or just save it?

    I do not think a midwife can simply "notice" a baby is jaundiced. She may suspect it, and she may be correct, but in order to diagnose jaundice and to understand how severe it is, your baby must be blood tested. Some level of jaundice can be entirely normal in the newborn period, and a newborn baby can 'look' jaundiced even when they are not.

    If baby is nursing almost constantly, why are you worried about waking baby every 2 to 3 hours? It sounds like that is not necessary if baby is already nursing enough?

    When timing the time between feedings, I hate to tell you, you are supposed to go from start time to start time. So if you want to nurse every 2-3 hours, and baby starts nursing at 3PM, baby should start nursing again by 5 or at latest 6 PM (if not before) not matter how long baby nurses at 3. And yes this can feel very undoable when a baby is nursing most of the time and sessions blur together (which is actually normal) and even more problematic if mom is also trying to pump. This is why worrying about exact times between nursing sessions can make things difficult. I think it is often more helpful to look at overall nursing patterns. And a newborn baby "should" probably be nursing about 10-12 times each 24 hours at a minimum. But this may well not be every 2 or 3 hours. Patterns tend to vary, with baby nursing much more frequently - every 30 minutes maybe ! part of the day and less frequently other times.

    To help you more:
    It would help to know how many times in 24 hours baby nurses.
    During that 5 hour stretch, does baby sleep in the same room as you or somewhere else? Does baby have a pacifier or is baby swaddled for sleep or in between feeding sessions?
    How many times does baby poop in 24 hours and what does it look like as of today? (it has probably been changing since baby was born in both number of poops and look (?)
    Is nursing comfortable for you?
    Are you able to see if and how often baby is swallowing when nursing (this can be very subtle)
    When exactly is the tongue tie going to be treated, and are you going to get follow up care to be sure baby is able transfer milk normally?
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    Default Re: Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

    Hi Laura, congratulations on your new baby! Try not to stress too much about your baby's jaundice. Jaundice is very common in newborns- my son had it as well. It will usually go away in the first couple weeks. The one thing the nurse told me was to nurse lots, so baby poops lots- I can't remember the exact science aside from the fact that poop helps rid the baby's body of bilirubin, which baby's liver is trying to get rid of as well. They did not do a blood test on my son either. They used a little thermometer looking tool that she pushed into my baby's forehead and it gave a numeric reading. If the number was under 15, no blood test was needed...

    If your little dude is nursing what feels like nonstop during the day, there is no need to worry about trying to express breast milk because baby is doing a better job stimulating your breast than a pump would.

    Before my son was 2 weeks old he was consistently sleeping 5 -7 hour stretches at night- in the same room as me. I would try to wake him at 3-4 hours and sometimes he would rouse, sometimes not. At his 2 week appointment, our pediatrician said that he was gaining well and to go ahead and let him sleep at night! I was a little leery and would still wake him at 4 hours but knowing the doctor gave the go ahead was reassuring. (My little man was 7 lbs 2 oz at birth and 7 lbs 3 oz at 2 weeks.) You may want to pump at least once during those long stretches though to keep up supply. My little guy will be 3 months this coming week, and consistently sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hour stretches at night. Some babies are just sleepers, some not so much. My daughter was up every 1 1/2 - 3 hours when she was 3months.

    When my son starts squirming, moving his head all around and won't latch he usually has to burp or poop ; )

    You are not failing at breastfeeding, mama, it takes awhile for you and baby to get the hang of it- and you will. Give it time. If baby has lots of pee diapers and a couple poops a day, chances are he is getting enough. If it's coming out, it must be going in!

    Hang in threre, mama. You and baby will get it, just give it time. You are doing great.

    First time mama to my bean, born 3/2012. Still . She loves her "me's".

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    Default Re: Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

    Thankyou so much for you replies. A bit of reassurance goes a long way!
    He has plenty of wet and dirty nappies which I know is a brilliant sign. I think I've just lost faith in the midwives as a bit of a traumatic birth (emergency section) due to undiagnosed breech. He was noted as breech up until he *turned* at 36 weeks but I told them he still didn't feel like he had. The midwife is back out tomorrow to weigh him again and I've noticed his colouring is a little less yellow. Just praying he's put on weight.i guess it's natural to panic that he isn't getting enough milk because of the tongue tie.
    I'm still unsure as to why I have to pump, I'm going to ask tomorrow when she arrives. She did advise my partner giving him milk by syringe but he doesn't tolerate this at all. Plus whenever he's not on the breast feeding he's usually asleep so I dont understand the sense of using a syringe? Surely he's just better on the breast?
    He sleps next to my bed in his Moses basket and doesn't particularly like being swaddled. I don't use a pacifier.
    Proffessionals are happy with his latch even with the TT and its comfortable as long as I use the nipple shields that the hospital gave me.
    His poop is the nice yellow mustard and nappys are nicely heavy and wet regular. I couldn't answer how many times I nurse in 24 hours as you said, they all seem to roll into one .

    Thankyou so much for your answers again. This anxiety is no good for baby! Xx

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    Default Re: Ftm breastfeeding conflicting advice :(

    ok yes I would definitely suggest get clarity about the need for pumping and supplementing. It is possible the pumping is suggested because you are using a shield to nurse. Shields are connected to poor milk production, especially if used for a while. So pumping after nursing is a typical recommendation when baby needs shields to latch. This is more a precaution than an absolute necessity, but I do think some daily pumping is a good idea but you may not need to pump every time baby nurses, but rather a few times a day.

    If baby is gaining fine and pooping normally baby does not need supplements even of your own milk. Poops sound good, nursing frequency sounds normal, good no swaddling or paci, so you are right the big test will be weight gain. So be very sure those checks are done properly- same scale every time, baby naked or in a dry disposable only, check and recording of numbers done carefully and double checked. Also checks should measure gain by and since the lowest known weight measure was taken, not from birth or birth weight.

    Here is some info on nipple shields- http://kellymom.com/ages/newborn/nb-...s/wean-shield/
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