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    Our son is 6 days old. I tried nursing him every 2-3 hours throughout our hospital stay, but it always required me waking him up and providing him with constant stimulation throughout the nursing session to stay awake (if I did not wake him, he would go for about 4 hours before waking to nurse).
    We got home from the hospital on day 4 and I have been doing a mixture of nursing and pumping and bottle feeding the pumped milk (due to concerns of him not getting enough milk b/c he is difficult to keep awake during nursing sessions). My milk finally came in yesterday at day 5 and I have been trying to exclusively nurse with some pumping after sessions on my right side due to not as much milk being produced on that side-he nurses very well on the left side with that "milk drunk" look when he is finished. Since we have been home, he has never woken up to eat (I always wake him up every 3-3 1/2 hours. Should I wake him more frequently? I feel like after a 45 min to an hour nursing session and just an hour of sleep to feed him every 2 hours, the sessions are not very effective b/c he is so tired and difficult to keep awake. I have found that waiting every 3-3 1/2 hours to wake him to nurse, he is more alert during feedings, but is that hurting my milk supply and is he getting enough? Right now, I just feel like I am all over the board in terms of pumping or just nursing and how often he should be nursing considering he not waking on his own to feed and just looking for a little advice!

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    I would wake every 2-3 hours until he regains birth weight for both his sake and your milk supply. Basically you should be nursing no less than 10 times a day at this point. Does he have jaundice? That can often make babies sleepy, but it's very normal and usually goes away within the first 2 weeks without any treatment as long as baby is eating enough. In the first 2 weeks, babies don't have a "they'll cry if they're hungry" mode, so it's important to keep waking him. As for knowing whether or not he's getting enough, from this point forward, he should have at least 6 wet diapers per 24 hours ... a stool counts as a wet and should be the typical yellow, seedy breastfed baby stool - though variations of green can be normal as well. He should ideally have at least one stool in 24 hours, but most newborns will have a bowel movement nearly every time they eat because of the laxative effect of colostrum.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much, this gives me some peace of mind! He does not have jaundice and he started with the watery yellow seedy stools today. I will start waking him more often these next few days until we go back to the pediatrician and see his weight. About not seeming as full on the right breast and him not nursing as well (he seems frustrated and its difficult to latch at times b/c it is softer) on the right breast vs the left, should I start pumping the right side after feedings or will just starting a majority of feedings on the right side be enough to improve the milk supply.

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    No problem! Yes, and don't let the pediatrician intimidate you on his weight - babies regain on average at 2 weeks, but it's perfectly fine to take as much as 3 weeks as long as he isn't *losing* weight ... so that's where the diaper counts come in handy. (What goes in must come out!)

    As for the fullness, I wouldn't start pumping at this point - you've got about 5 more weeks for your supply to "regulate". I would do like you said and start each feeding on the right side. As the days go by, he will be able to take each side more easily. Have you been sandwiching / using the c-shape to get the nipple pointed up to the roof of his mouth? I call it "sandwich and shove" - haha, but it really works for helping get a deep latch if baby is having trouble. Also, if you're not already, you can hand express (or massage) a little bit on the right side while he nurses on the left to stimulate it - but I'd still stay away from the pump at this point to avoid the complications of oversupply/mastitis.

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    I have to use a nipple shield when breastfeeding due to flat nipples (I did for my first child as well). My first child I only breastfed for about two weeks due to sore bleeding nipples and getting mastitis (which is a huge fear of mine this time around). This time there is only soreness initially with latch and I am comfortable throughout the feeding. Initially at the hospital, I did try feeding without the shield, but got very sore and baby had difficulty maintaining his latch.

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    My baby took almost a month to get back to birth weight. Doctor was NOT concerned. He said to look at the baby & not the charts. She is very alert, good color and has a ton of poops and pees a day. Also her birth weight was likely inflated due to pitocin & IV as well as it took 5 days for my milk to come in.
    I also never BF more than like 8 or 9 times a day. Early on it was hard to wake her & feed her as well. Now she's a much better eater. Every baby is different.

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