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Thread: How to decrease milk supply overnight?

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    Default How to decrease milk supply overnight?

    I have been back to work for 2 weeks now, so I have started pumping so milk is available for the baby sitter. I usually pump right after my daughter's morning feed and am able to get anywhere for 4-6oz per breast. She currently eats 2.5-3oz per bottle, every two hours or so.

    My concern is her over night feedings and enforcement. She has recently started sleeping anywhere from 5-7 hours at night, with her last feeding around 8. She'll usually wake up once, sometimes twice before her morning feeding at 6 and then I pump after that. During the night though, my breast become really full and so that morning pump is now necessary for relief. Is my pumping causing the overnight engorgement? How do I decrease my milk supply overnight, but still have enough for my lo?

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    Default Re: How to decrease milk supply overnight?

    One cannot decrease milk production for part of the day. One can only decrease overall milk production. Sometimes this is necessary when a mom has severe overproduction, but it is risky, especially in a circumstance where mom is recently back to work, as separation from baby is often a problematic situation for milk production already.

    It sounds like what is causing the overnight engorgement is baby sleeping long stretches overnight. Assuming you are pumping only enough times to replace the amount baby would otherwise nurse, (or around that) pumping would not typically increase milk production beyond normal.

    It sounds like your baby might be getting a little more milk during the day than is typically recommended, or at least, on the high side of normal, and this may be causing baby to not nurse as much overnight and to take less when baby does nurse. This would not only lead to the engorgement you are experiencing, but will eventually cause milk production to decrease (possibly, too much) and even breast refusal, possibly.

    It would help to know how old baby is, how many hours you and baby are separated each workday, how many ounces overall baby consumes during that time, if bottles are given to baby at any other time, if baby takes a pacifier or is swaddled overnight, and if paced bottle feeding method is being used for bottles. Did you have any issues with overnight engorgement or over production before returning to work?

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    Default Re: How to decrease milk supply overnight?

    Try to dream feed baby before you go to bed.

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