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Thread: plugged duct won't go away!

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    Default plugged duct won't go away!

    I have a plugged duct in my left breast at about the 12:00 position, about half an inch above my areola. I first noticed it yesterday morning and immediately nursed and pumped with no success. I've tried moist heat, massage, breast compression, different nursing positions and pumping. Nothing has worked and now my breast just feels tender all over from messing with it so much. I checked my nipple for a bleb but there's nothing near the area where the milk comes out. We've been successfully nursing since day 1 (baby is 8 weeks now). I only made it 5 weeks with my first so I don't want this to hinder our experience but I don't know what else to do. I read on a different sight that women have had luck with their spouses sucking out the clog but I'm worried the pressure from that could damage my tissue. I am so afraid this is going to get infected - we have multiple other children to take care of so I really can't afford to not be feeling 100%.

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    Default Re: plugged duct won't go away!

    Welcome to the forum!

    Here's what you want to do about plugs:
    1. Don't worry too much. Plugs are common and generally not too problematic. They can be persistent, lasting days or even longer. As long as you don't feel sick or uncomfortable, they aren't a huge deal.
    2. Keep doing what you're doing- moist heat, massage, different nursing positions.
    3. Try adding in some cool compresses and some vibration from a personal massager or the handle of an electric toothbrush.
    4. Stay alert for symptoms of mastitis. If you get a fever or start feeling aches and pains and flu-like symptoms, or you see red patches or streaks on the exterior of the breast, it's probably time to visit the doctor for some antibiotics.
    5. Don't be too afraid to have your partner try to clear the problem for you.

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