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Thread: Duct won't unplug!

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    Default Duct won't unplug!

    I've had a plugged duct for the past 48 hours that will not budge. It has already turned to mastitis and I'm on a course of antibiotics right now and luckily feeling better. The lump that feels like the plug is about the size of a marble and near the edge of my areola and i just don't see how I am going to get rid of this thing. I feel like I have tried everything:

    *Feeding every hour during the day and every 3 at night
    *Dangle feeding and pumping
    *Hot showers and baths with massage and hand expression
    *Vibration from a massager
    *Hot diaper compresses
    *and even having my partner suck on it

    How long did it take you to get rid of stubborn plugs? Any guidance or support would be appreciated.


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    Stubborn plugs can be... Stubborn. It's not uncommon for them to hang around for several days, or longer.

    Does the plugged area feel less full after you nurse? Or is there really no throughout at all?

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    The plugged area doesn't seem to be draining at all but the rest of breast softens.

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    :/ Unfortunate. As I said, plugs can really hang around for a while- I think we've had moms here who have had plugs lasting weeks. I'm thinking that the presence of mastitis is probably helping to perpetuate the plug- the tissues in the area are all inflamed and that may be sealing off the plumbing for that part of the breast. Hopefully once the antibiotics clear that up, the plug will vanish.

    All you can do is to continue doing what you're doing. You might want to add cool compresses to the mix, to see if that will reduce the inflammation.

    Do you by any chance see a blister, bleb, or white dot on the surface of the nipple?

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