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Thread: LO not latching on anymore after liptie removed

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    Default LO not latching on anymore after liptie removed

    I had difficulties breastfeeding my one month old since he was born because of his liptie and a tongue tie, he used to fall asleep on the breast after 10 min, after waking him up he would not go back to the breast so I had no choice but top up with expressed milk to make sure he ate properly , even then he would wake up every hr to eat even during the night. LC recommended to remove liptie and tongue tie and we had it removed couple of days back and since then he doesn't want to touch my breast, first I thought he must be uncomfortable and maybe in pain to suck the breast so I gave him expressed milk, but it's been couple of days and the moment he starts sucking he doesn't like to stay on it and also swallows air just like before.
    I was hoping that after the procedure he will be latching on better then he did but so far it got even worse.
    What should I do? Coz I wanna breastfeed him rather then bottle feed him!
    Plz advice
    Maybe I should see LC again

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    Default Re: LO not latching on anymore after liptie removed

    I think you should definitely see the LC again. Right away. And if she cannot help you, see someone else.
    I wonder if the procedure(s) caused some oral aversion, of something aside from frenulum was cut, causing baby to have difficulty latching?
    Was the tongue and lip frenotomies at the same time? Or was the tongue tie frenotomy done earlier? How was this done and who did the procedures? I would also suggest follow up with them. They may be able to help, and certainly they need to be aware of what is happening post- procedure.

    I strongly feel that there is probably a way to fix this, but it may well require more in person assistance and some suck training, perhaps some type of physical adjustments or "bodywork" will help. For supplementing, I would also suggest trying a lactation aid - the last thing you want to do is add nipple confusion into the mix. If the lactation aid does not work, be sure to use paced bottle feeding and/or cup feeding to feed non-latching baby.

    Look, the sad fact is, this happens. In fact there is a great deal of controversy in the lactation world about tongue tie, even more about lip ties, as far as if and in what circumstances these are a physical barrier to nursing and when and how surgical treatment should be done and whether it may (in some cases) cause more harm than good. Some people think both tongue and lip ties are being over-diagnosed and over-treated, and others think the major problem is that this is a problem that is still overlooked and not diagnosed or treated enough! They are probably both right, in my opinion.

    Unfortunately, there is simply not enough evidence about this subject yet for there to be complete surety in all cases.
    Also, even when a frenotomy was definitely indicated, there can be a learning curve to help baby learn to nurse again with their new anatomy.

    For anyone else responding, here is some history from OPs first thread: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...21#post1358121
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