No. And when I had one that produced a lot more than the other I always started on the lower side. So that breast got MORE stimulation and the other one got LESS. So I would for the time being start on the other side, pump 25ml while nursing (I only suggest this because you sound like you are tired of pumping. And I think maybe if you are pumping WHILE you are sitting there anyways it might be less painful and then your baby won't have to wait) and then let her nurse on that side and if she doesn't eat as much but the breast HAS been stimulated than hopefully as part of the supply and demand cycle it will get the message that it needs to produce less. Your goal being fairly equal production. Which we all have one side that is PRONE to producing more but when one of my boobs became noticeably bigger in my bra? I worked to even things out and more stimulation on the smaller side is how I got things to even out.