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Thread: Sudden oversupply after 8 mo caught cold

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    Exclamation Sudden oversupply after 8 mo caught cold

    Nursing my first born has been easy peasy so far following guidance from my midwife, until my 8 month old caught a cold. The first night she was up all night nursing and then for a few days she's been nursing much less. I've taken her to the pediatrician and it's just a cold and she's doing better but now I'm stuck with this oversupply - what is the best thing to do? I pumped a little this morning because I'm afraid of getting mastitis but I don't want to pump too much and make things worse. I'm sure she'll go back to eating more soon but I am at capacity again and she is not interested. Any advice how to deal with a short-term oversupply? Please help!

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    Hand express until comfort is restored, and trust that your LO will maintain your supply where she needs it to be. You want to pump only if your baby is truly not nursing enough to keep the milk moving.

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