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    Hi, this is my first post and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or if this is in the right place. I am almost seven months pregnant and my husband and I have decided that we definatly would like to breast feed our child. So here is my question, I was only able to nurse my first child for two weeks. I had an infection and she had thrush and it was just painful for both of us. Is there anything that I can do to help prevent this from happening this time round? I really want to nurse for about a year this time and I am starting to get nervous about being able to. I was told after my production had completly gone down that there might have been medication or that pumping could have helped? Has anyone heard of this?
    Thanks in advance for the advice,

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    Hi! Congratulations on your soon-to-be LO and your choice to breastfeed!

    You can prevent thrush by letting your nipples get as much air and sunlight as possible. (I know sunlight is a bit difficult, ahah.) make sure to keep breast pads changed so you stay dry in there, and you can try things like letting your nipples air-dry after feedings, sleeping topless (on towels if you leak), and some women like to eat lots of plain yogurt for the acidopholus in it- it keeps yeast overgrowth (cause of thrush) in check. Some women also take acidopholus capsules (must be refridgerated, to my knowledge), that can be found in health food stores I believe. HTH!

    There are also medications and pumping routines that you can use/perform to help keep your supply! I'm sure some other mothers will chime in with info on these for you!

    Just keep comig here and there will always be an answer to your questions. You'll learn to love this place- if you have difficulties but you do not want to stop breastfeeding, this messageboard will give you all the info and support you need to be successful! (They did for me!)

    PS- If you scroll down far enough on the main page, there is a pregnancy forum!

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    Congrats to you and your growing family soon2bemomagain!! I don't have time to post more right now (DS just woke from nap) and I am sure some of the other savy momma can chime in, but I wanted to pass this on to you. It mentions treatment, comfort, and prevention..Also good for you for wanting to nurse your LO and welcome to the forum!!! -maria

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    Default Re: Hi... a quick question

    Well I responded to you on the other thread but saw there were replies on this one and I wanted to see what they had to say - I find that they have given some good advice. The advice Sasha Gave re: thrust etc is great advice! and reminded me I have lost many of my brain cells with the latest baby!! I took Grapefruit seed exract at one point when I though thrush was creeping in and though I cannot attribute my complete success fully on the GSE I feel it helped greatly! Sunning items when there may be / is a thrush issue also kills the thrush...

    The LLL link maria gave is a good one too -

    Again good luck! Nexttime I'll try to shake the cobwebs out before I post!
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