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Thread: Baby won't take bottle! Refusing to eat 8 hours!

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    Exclamation Baby won't take bottle! Refusing to eat 8 hours!

    My 23 week old baby (5 months + 1 week) won't take a bottle. She has in the past, when she was 2-3 months (used tommee tippee). She even took one about 2 weeks ago. But today was my first day back to work and at the babysitters she refused to take a bottle. We've tried different bottles, different positions, and cup feeding and I was not anywhere near her since I was at work. What are my options? Will she be ok while I work from 7am-3pm? What if she just never takes a bottle?
    She's an assisted sitter, a petit baby who was 7 lbs 7 oz when she was born and is currently near 13 lb 7 ounces.
    My doctor said to start spoon feeding her cereal, but obviously that's not an instant fix and I'm concerned about the time it's going to take to get her there.

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    I would suggest do not panic. It is one day. See what happens next. I suspect this may be more about it being your first full day apart than about bottles.

    It would help to know exactly what is happening. Is baby taking the bottle nipple but not sucking? Turning head away entirely? Is baby crying and upset or calm when the milk is offered? etc.

    Some tips:

    Rule out excess lipase issues. Was baby getting fresh milk or frozen today? Does the milk smell or taste soapy?

    Keep trying cup feeding or spoon feeding your milk. Be sure caregiver understands how to properly cup feed.

    Offer the milk when baby is calm, before baby is hungry.

    If baby appears upset by the bottle and refuses to even let the bottle near, maybe try introducing an empty bottle as a relaxed, no pressure plaything, and when/if baby starts mouthing it as a game, try adding a little milk to see what the reaction is.

    If paced feeding positioning is being used, maybe try more of a tilt to get the milk flowing a tad more quickly into baby. If it is not being used, try it, try it, as maybe the milk coming without effort is upsetting baby. If the bottle nipple is very difficult to get milk out of, try one that is a bit easier.

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    Default Re: Baby won't take bottle! Refusing to eat 8 hours!

    She lets the sitter put the nipple on her mouth, but she pushes it out with her tongue. In the past this was solved by moving the bottle around a little bit and pushing it in a bit, but now that's not working. She also spits out the milk.
    We've tried frozen milk, freshly expressed milk, and formula.

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