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Thread: Relactating for 4 month old twins

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    Hi there! I've read many inspirational posts on this forum and so have decided to relactate for my B/G twins. I never established a full milk supply for a number of reasons and was only able to latch them a few times.

    I had a rough delivery and after an emergency c section was in the hospital for 9 days getting blood transfusions. Breastfeeding seemed impossible to me at the time. Especially with two hungry crying babies. However I still pumped while in the hospital and at one point got 100ml of milk. Looking back I'm not sure my milk would have come in properly anyways even if the babies had latched perfectly bc of the amount of blood I lost. We went to the lactation consultant who refused to help me latch when I still had a good supply bc my blood pressure was dangerously low. By the time I was well enough and we returned to her, she helped the babies latch but my milk was dwindling and she really discouraged me when she said she didn't think it would work anyways bc I have small breasts. Ugh. She prescribed me domperidone as a last ditch effort but her words still rang in my head whenever latching wasn't going as planned so I gave up.

    Now that I'm all healed and we have somewhat of a schedule I've decided to relactate. My main reason is my son is intolerant to dairy. I also want to breastfeed so badly. I know it's best and I want that relationship with both of my babies. If I can only have it with one that would be fantastic too. The fact that his elemental formula costs $1000 a month and has msg in it has also pushed me in this direction.

    I've been pumping for 2 days now and taking domperidone starting this morning but I haven't seen any milk yet. I've also been attempting to latch him on at every opportunity and failing miserably lol. I've also been using the medela sns with a nipple shield so the shield is full when he latches to it and gets instant satisfaction but then he gets frustrated and pulls away crying when it's coming out slow again.

    My main questions are: How long does it take to see drops of milk while pumping?

    Since I never really nursed is this possible?

    Has anyone been successful relactating in a similar situation to mine?

    Any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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    An update: I've been pumping every 2-3 hours for the past 3 days and attempting to latch my baby boy on both sides with the sns. He has latched a few times with no nipple shield!

    I'm also taking 40mg domperidone a day and 4 pills of more milk plus by motherlove. I'll most likely be increasing the domperidone to 80mg over the next few days.

    I was wondering how long it should take to see some milk drops?

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    Default Re: Relactating for 4 month old twins

    Questions about time are the hardest breastfeeding questions to answer. Some moms might see drops in just a few days, others might have to wait weeks. It all depends on how your individual body responds to your regimen of nursing and pumping and Rx drugs!

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