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    My son is 10 weeks old. He is a lazy nurser due to lip/tongue tie. I latch him on as often as I can and pump pretty much all the time. I usually pump every 3hrs except during the night which I go about 5hrs at the most. A friend of mine who had her baby like a month after me has 300oz of stored milk in her freezer. My baby eats EVERYTHING I pump. My friend is a pumping only mom. I pump the same amount a day as she does and I nurse several times on top of that. I have no stash. I know the normal pumping amount is about 28oz for a mommy. Is my baby just eating too much too often? Any tips? Please no discouragement.

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    HI and welcome! I can tell you that your baby is probably not eating too often, as there is no such thing with a newborn. Is it possible baby is being over supplemented? Yes.

    I can also tell you that comparing yourself or your baby to any other mother and her baby is pointless. All a mother needs to make and is biologically designed to make is enough milk for her baby to eat each day, so having large stash saved in the freezer is neither biologically normal nor a necessity (normally), although of course it is nice to have a stash and to pump extra when a mom is EPing as your friend is, as maintaining normal milk production for the long haul is often quite difficult in that situation.

    so, I am afraid I have some questions.
    Is your goal/preference to exclusively nurse or continue to combo feed?
    Why do you need a stash and how much do you think you need?
    Have the ties been treated or are there plans to do so?
    Are you receiving breastfeeding assistance from anyone?
    How is baby's weight gain-average, slow or fast? If you can provide numbers at least the most recent ones to demonstrate rate of gain, that would be great.
    How many times in 24 hours does your baby nurse? (About)
    Is nursing comfortable for you?
    How many ounces of expressed milk does your baby drink each time it is offered, and how many ounces total over the course of 24 hours?
    Is baby being supplemented with bottles or something else, and if it is bottles, is paced bottle feeding technique being used?
    How many times in 24 hours do you typically pump, and how much milk do you typically express each time and over the course of one day?
    What kind of pump and what is the condition (new, used, etc.)

    I would be curious of where you got the information that a normal pumping amount is 28 ounces a day. I assume you mean for a mom who is exclusively pumping, but even in that case this amount is way more than some babies need and less than others need. It is a rough average, not an absolute norm by any means.
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