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Thread: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

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    Default Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    Hello, I am looking to see if there are any fellow mommies that have gone through this and can maybe give me some suggestions.

    I am trying to wean my 1 year old from nursing/breast milk and onto cow's milk. He has taken bottles of breast milk since the age of 5 1/2 months just fine from his sitter and now takes the bottles of cow's milk from the sitter as well. He refuses to drink from the bottle from my husband and I.

    I have tried purchasing different bottles and sippy cups to no avail.

    Has anyone gone through this and possibly has some suggestions to give on how I should go about it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    Is the problem that he won't drink as much cow milk as he is offered, or that he will not stop nursing? The first is probably not a problem at all, and the second is only a problem if you have other desires.

    If you child has a reasonably adequate diet of solids and is over 12 months old, I do not see why you have to wean to any type of milk, specifically. Cow milk is not going to replace human breast milk anyway, nutrient wise. In the true sense of the word, when a child weans, they do not wean to bottle of something else, but to a facsimile of an adult diet. By this I mean, children "wean" to sold foods- a (somewhat) varied diet that is as a whole, nutritionally adequate, and may or may not include cow milk products.

    Also, must it be in a bottle? Maybe a cup is the answer. Must it be milk? What about yogurt, cheese, etc.

    Are you wishing to stop breastfeeding completely right away, or maybe just cut back, stop needing to pump, or other? There are many ways to approach the weaning process.

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    He will not stop nursing.

    I would like to stop nursing/pumping for his during the day feedings and just nurse him for his bedtime feeding.

    He does eat cheeses and yogurt regularly but I was trying to substitute his 2 nap time feedings from breast milk to a bottle of whole milk. He does drink sips from a regular cup but will not drink breast milk or cow's milk from a sippy cup or bottle. He will, however, drink water from sippy cups or bottles.

    He is eating a regular healthy diet of solid foods too.

    I'm completely confused on how to approach the weaning process to achieve the above.

    Thank you for replying!

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    How are you feeling about nursing? Are you wanting to wean because you are not enjoying the nursing experience, or is there some other reason?

    Sorry if that's nosy- it's just an important factor in what advice we give!

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    I actually do not mind nursing at all but pumping has always been very difficult for me. I also am working full-time and am having a hard time keeping up with my work and stopping to pump so I will need to stop the during the day pumping sessions.

    No worries, not nosey at all!

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    Thanks for answering that question! It sounds like you're basically okay with nursing, and only need to cut out your pumping sessions. In order to wean from pumping, you want to do one of 2 things:
    1. Skip a single pumping session every day for several days. When your milk supply has adjusted downwards and you are not uncomfortable in between pump sessions, you can eliminate a second session, wait a few days for supply to adjust, etc. you just repeat the process until all the sessions are gone.
    2. Continue to pump the same number of times, but pump for less time at each session. If you usually pump for 20 minutes, pump for 15 instead. Once your body feels okay with 15 minute sessions, take them down to 10, etc.

    While you are weaning from the pump, you want to be careful. If you get a plugged duct or start feeling symptoms of mastitis, treat those problems with more frequent pumping and nursing, even though that will set you back on your goal. But going slow and being careful will ensure a better weaning process than trying to get the pump weaning process done as soon as possible.

    Regarding getting your child to drink cow's milk, it is completely normal for a baby to not like to drink it. Luckily, there is no reason to worry if he doesn't, provided his diet contains plenty of other sources of whole milk dairy, like yogurt and cheese, or non-dairy foods which are high in fat and calcium. It's also normal for a baby to resist bottles given by mom. Why drink from a bottle when mom has the real thing, right?!? If you don't mind nursing, you could always just nurse when you are with your baby, and bother with the pump only if you become uncomfortable at work.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    Yep. If you are fine nursing while together and are planing to feed 3-5 times in a 24hour you don't actually need to replace your milk. So as long as it's not JUST down for bed at night? But like also "hello" when you see him after work and either down for a nap or 1st thing the morning, if your DCP can feed him whole milk fine. But mine couldn't. My son didn't like it. And I didn't sweat it. He drank water in a sippy while away from me and nursed on demand while together. So go ahead. PUMP WEAN!!

    Way too lazy for formula

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